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Recruiting for R.O.C (Rise Of Chaos) osrs clan

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Hello we are team R.O.C (Rise Of Chaos) a clan that was founded in late 2016. That consisted of a few members, as time went on it started to grow. We are a clan that consists and focuses on people who want  to PvM or PK as a team. We accept mains pures and ironmen.

Clan Requirements:

90+ to 100+ Combat 52+ Prayer atleast 70+ in all melle stats 70+ range and mage. (Yes i know i dont have 70 mage :P)


People who are active and enjoy the game,

People who want to hang out and communicate while doing stuff (skilling and etc.)

People who are friendly and like to communicate with each other.

Fair and serious people who want to play legit.

Our forums website: http://s15.zetaboards.com/Exile_RS/index/

If you are interested conctact me on rs my nickname is Mr Roxie or join the cc with the same name: Mr Roxie

Or you can contact one of the clan officers in the cc.

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