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16 Oct 2017 - Dimension of the Damned

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Dimension of the Damned

Pit yourself and your friends against the undead in Dimension of the Damned and compete for the unique title of King/Queen of the Damned and a host of prizes - the ultimate PvM challenge.

Start the one-hour timer using your HUD in-game and rack up points while slaying as many zombies as you can to secure your place on the leaderboard. You can restart the clock to improve your score as many times as you’d like. The top 1,000 players after ten days will make it through to the finale on the 28th for the chance to win a selection of sought-after prizes, including (but not limited to) lifetime membership, an all expenses paid trip to Jagex and 200M GP.


Dimension of the Damned is PvM only, even in the Wilderness.
All players start with maxed stats and starter gear.
Catching Zombeism from bites saps your health, but you can stave off the effects by taking antidotes and/or consuming modified shrimps prior to battle.
These (and other useful items) can be obtained from Zkrik’s shop in Falador using bottle corks. You can also get them from supply drops, but you'll only have three minutes to find the crate.
Falador is a safe space where the dead don’t rise. You’ll be escorted back there by white knights if you become inactive, and you’ll respawn there if you die. However, players with Zombeism can’t pass through the gates.
Banks across Gielinor will be open for use. Space is limited though, and you’ll have to pay for it in bottle corks.
You can read about the rules for the finale here.

The chance to compete for a place in the Finale ends in ten days, so don’t delay. You’ll also be able to see how the Jmods fare in Dimension of the Damned during Tuesday’s live stream! Details below.

Note that Dimension of the Damned is only available in NXT - Click here to download the client!


Do you watch our live streams? No? Why not? This month we bring you LootScape, an all-new way for you to get yourself some awesome in-game goodies by watching our live streams every month.

Just connect your RuneScape account to your Twitch account and tune into one of our Tuesday or Friday live streams to get some free stuff!

First up in our goodie bags for all of you is the amazing Twitching Orb pet – you’ll be able to claim it in any of our Tuesday or Friday streams throughout October; this week, you’ll be able to claim your pet on Tuesday’s stream.

You can connect your RS account to your Twitch account and find out more about it here.

Patch Notes

You can read the full list of this week’s updates on the patch notes forum thread.


See you in the top 1,000?

The RuneScape Team

Live Streams this week

Each week we livestream Q&As, in-game events and more. Watch our streams and find out more information about our streams over on our Twitch channel.

Check our YouTube channel, too, for recap videos of streams you may have missed!

Tuesday, October 17th – 12:00-17:00 UTC (Game Time) – JMods take on Dimension of the Damned

It’s a case of survival of the fittest (or the least rubbish). Join a team of unsuspecting JMods as they each try to kill as many zombies (and die as little as possible) in an hour. How will you compare to them?

Expect the unexpected. And screaming. And possibly some rage-quitting.

Friday, October 20th – 17:00 UTC (Game Time) – Patch Notes Preview

Join Mod Shauny for a review of next week’s tasty Patch Notes!

Sunday, October 22nd – 19:00 UTC (Game Time) – PvM with Mod Lee

Top up your PvM tactics with your weekly dose of monster-killing with Mod Lee!


[spoiler=Patch Notes]


  • The hair colour for several NovtumberFest NPCs has been fixed.
  • The Warden of the Mind cape now appears in the preview window.

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames

  • Players carrying only one defender in their backpacks will no longer have their Warrior's Guild progress with Kamfreena reset.
  • Antifire, weapon poison, aggression potion and wilder pie effects no longer stay active on free worlds.
  • Free equipment from combat rooms in player-owned houses can no longer be disassembled.
  • Players can now use a right-click fill all option on the Divine-o-matic Vacuum.


  • Players can now define their maximum foreground and background FPS in the NXT client via the graphics settings interface.
  • The click radius on a player when using the Completionist & Trimmed Completionist emotes has been reduced to the same size as the normal players' click box area.
  • The NovtumberFest host Johanna no longer shouts 'Thanks!' during cart events.
  • The NovtumberFest bar crawl dialogue no longer obstructs quest dialogue.
  • The stats of the highwayman near the makeover-mage have been updated to match his pre-Mega May incarnation.


  • The cache churn has been reduced.
  • Pointlights now affects terrain lighting in instances.
  • The high frequency noise visible on newer (normal-mapped) models when viewed close up has been reduced.
  • The RAM usage in the shader system has been reduced by around 20MB.
  • Some animation states have been optimised.

Last week's hotfixes

  • 09/10, 11:00 UTC: Players with 100 filled keepsake slots can now log in consistently.
  • 09/10, 13:20 UTC: Players can no longer get trapped within the NovtumberFest ogre activity.
  • 09/10, 13:20 UTC: NovtumberFest random event messages have been added to the game spam filter.
  • 09/10, 13:30 UTC: All NovtumberFest activities now give charity tokens.
  • 09/10, 17:15 UTC: Wolly Wolpertingers no longer delete themselves when picked up.
  • 09/10, 17:15 UTC: The Chaos Elemental's F2P drop table has been improved.
  • 09/10, 17:15 UTC: The drop rate of mystic cloth from ankou has been reduced.
  • 09/10, 17:15 UTC: The Giant mole now drops a minimum of three mystic cloth (to potentially be shared between three players).
  • 09/10, 17:15 UTC: Members item drops on Young grotworms have been replaced with five bronze javelins, two trout or two anchovies.
  • 09/10, 17:15 UTC: Green dragons now drop two lobsters on free worlds. Like Blue dragons, they no longer drop the bass.
  • 09/10, 17:15 UTC: Cyclopes in the Warriors' Guild can no longer drop dragon defenders on free worlds.
  • 09/10, 18:45 UTC: Members can now pick up cats.
  • 09/10, 18:45 UTC: Lapsed free players can now call and/or dismiss their followers after dropping a cat or a kitten.
  • 11/10, 13:25 UTC: The Evil Tree D&D now resets correctly for free players.
  • 11/10, 13:25 UTC: The Evil Tree and Shooting Star D&D buffs now restart correctly upon logging in on a free world.
  • 12/10, 10:15 UTC: Newly-bought auras can now be activated.
  • 12/10, 15:20 UTC: Nex: Angel of Death no longer switches target after using a special attack.

Ninja Fixes

  • The artefact at the Edgeville wilderness wall that teleports to the King Black Dragon lair can now be activated on free worlds.
  • The cost of mystic armour has been lowered to rebalance its alch value.
  • The cost of mystic cloth has been increased to reflect the value of mystic armour.
  • The examine option for the museum guard where the Varrock east fence used to be has been updated.
  • Updated models have been added for carapace, spider, wizard and black wizard shields, as well as black wizard gloves and boots.
  • Wearing a splitbark body will no longer hide a players amulet.
  • The loom in the Falador cabbage patch can now be used on free worlds.
  • Blurite ore can now be smelted into blurite bars on free worlds.
  • The dropdown menu titles for batwing and carapace have been corrected when using the Crafting make-x interface.
  • Fire runes are now given instead of blood runes and soul runes when dungeoneering on a free world.
  • Baby dragon bones are now non-members objects.
  • Kamfreena in the Warriors' Guild no longer tells free players that they can get dragon defenders from the cyclopes.
  • Fire giants now drop batwing wands or books instead of fire battlestaves on free worlds.
  • Yew trees are now correctly marked as non-members in the Woodcutting skill guide.
  • A segment of the east Varrock fence near Tolna's rift that survived the purge has been eradicated with extreme prejudice.
  • Logging into a free world inside the Mage Training Arena will now teleport players outside of it.



"Fight for what you believe in, and believe in what you're fighting for." Can games be art?






My blog here if you want to check out my Times articles and other writings! I always appreciate comments/feedback.

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What are line breaks






About the thing though, they should really have more substantial main game rewards for people who participate. Once most people realize they stand no chance at winning why would they waste time on it when they could be gaining exp/gp on their actual RS3 character?


Unless they can somehow genuinely make it fun enough for people to be willing to sacrifice RS3 progress, which I strongly doubt.

DMM works because people genuinely like OSRS PvP. Even though playing it doesn't really benefit your main game account much, people really just want to play for fun.

The same idea doesn't work as well for RS3 where the playerbase doesn't even care about actual minigames in actual RS3.

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