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Rising Order RS3 Clan Recruiting. PVM/Social


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¸·*ˆ¨'. Who We Are .'¨ˆ*·¸ 


† Rising Order † is a clan created by returning players, new players and veterans.

We are dedicated to providing a respectful, relaxed and supportive environment for our clan members.

Whether or not it comes to skilling, bossing, questing, doing events or running around like a maniac, you can find it all here!


We are all about YOU.

Events are not planned just to make our clan look "active". We tailor and schedule each event to suit the needs of our members.

Want to be more efficient at bossing? We have someone to hold your hand teach you; want to have a quiet week to grind out your skills?

We understand! Citadel capping is therefore not a requirement by any means.



We are family at Rising Order, and we welcome you to join us ;)




¸·*ˆ¨'. What We Can Offer .'¨ˆ*·¸ 


- An actively growing clan

- A witty, relaxed and helpful clan chat 

- A competent and experienced team of administrators who truly values the opinions of the clan members

- Day/night crew: so you are never alone in the clan

- An organised Discord channel 




¸·*ˆ¨'. Requirements .'¨ˆ*·¸ 


500 Total Level and Membership




¸·*ˆ¨'. How to Join .'¨ˆ*·¸ 


We don't require a forum application. Simply join our clan chat in game and ask for an invite! (rising order)


Click here for our recruitment thread on Runescape.




¸·*ˆ¨'. Show Case (WIP) .'¨ˆ*·¸ 


We are always active



Vindi Mass Team Competition






Our clan is lit you should totally join us

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