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(OSRS) - The UnderWorld clan is now recruiting! (social, PvM, PKing) (18+)

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Hello, this is 0nee Chan representing the UnderWorld clan chat! We are a very laid-back, LGBTQ+-friendly  community with fairly minimal requirements (except when doing raids and high-tier PvM). We are looking for dedicated members/applicants. We are a growing clan founded by true Old School RuneScape player who have been grinding this game for over a decade. We are a Social PvM clan, with experienced players, so if you're you're already top of your class or are just joining for a fresh starts, we are here to help, work as a team, and make friends along the way. Underworld has members from all over the world , so never play alone again and join us today for fun and laughter!

Clan Chat: Underworld_0
Discord: Ask a Star Rank
Discord is mandatory for ranking up as well as viewing and participating in Clan Events


Let's meet the elders of UnderWorld!

Ate2lateM8~ she's one of the founders of Ros. Been around Runescape since before Eoc, she's a extreme pvmer who specializes in CoX, ToB, GwD. ( Est )

xMMGX~ He's your typical Belgian guy, who loves to play runescape without the eoc (evolution of combat) update so he plays oldschool. He's one of the most social guys here at RoS along with being beyond respectful. He's said it himself hes not an expert but he knows his way around runescape. ( Gmt +2)



* You must follow Jagex rules at all times. No exceptions!

* This clan is restricted to people who are 18 years or older. There may be language used that's not appropriate for younger players.

* Discriminatory language is forbidden, and if it causes offense may result in severe punishment. (Ex. racism, xenophobic language, homophobia, anti-semitism etc.)

* Taking advantage of other clan members is forbidden.

* No begging. (Ex. for ranks, items or gold etc.)

* No scamming people in or outside the clan. ( This should be easy to follow)

* Don't lend items without collateral! Items are lent at your own risk. We advice you to not lend items to anyone to minimize the risk of being scammed.

* Don't abuse the ironmen! They're really cute an squishy lol

* Just have fun an enjoy your stay

* We use a classic three strike system rule*
First strike-Issue you a warning and make note of incident.
Second strike- Sending a private detailed message with you.
Third strike- Banned from clan

Bossing Rules

1. All drops are to be split evenly among all members.

2. If no staff member goes bossing with you: Members are to be met at GE for drop split with a staff member, if a staff happens to be not online, members are to provide screenshots of split being traded.

3. Clan members are to not CRASH other teams/clans, as well as being toxic to others.

4. NO SCAMMING. When caught scamming, you will be banned from RealmOfSouls and be posted on RuneWatch.

5. Outside players of the clan is not permitted to boss with our members. It is our duty to protect our members from people outside of the clan from any violation towards our rules.

6. If you happen to die or even disconnect during any trips, you will STILL be given split.

7. Bandos tank are to get ALL Bandos boots drops.

8. During wildy bosses please keep in mind pking other clan members will result in a insta ban from U.W

9. You can find our Raid requirements and ToB requirements in our Discord


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