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Doots - Casual Social Discord Community Clan!


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What is a Doot?

A doot is...
a clannie,
a friend,
someone who will share quality memes,
have a laugh and a joke,
and will happily mess about in game dressed as a Goebie.

Why choose Doots?

10/10 banter
Dad jokes
Cat memes

The serious stuff

Discord activity based ranking system - Both text and voice chats.
Varied levels of players, both in combat and skilling.
Tier 7 citadel. No mandatory capping, but a weekly capping raffle incentive.
Chance to apply for higher roles such as Events Coordinator / Overseer.
No minimum entry requirements.

Shoot me a PM if you would like any more information or an invite.


Why Doots?

Studies conducted by an independent market research firm indicates an increase in quality of RS Life by at least 75% overall within only 1 week of becoming a Doots member! That's 10 times more than the leading generic Clan!


How do you know if you might be a good Doot?

1. You enjoy friendly banter with people
2. You like to laugh at and share memes
3. You take nothing in life too seriously
4. You are now breathing consciously
5. You gained experience in runescape this week

How can Doots be good for you?

Our unique and exciting clan format inspires activity and participation in new and engaging ways!

Your activity is tracked using advanced Discord bots and AI algorithms so that you automatically gain Clan experience and get shouted out for your achievements! All levels and ranks in the clan come from activity, social and in-game!

We host frequent events, raffles, contests, and holiday parties which increase engagement and provide opportunities to Profit!

Exhaustive and valuable resources, all put together into a friendly and easy-to-use format so you don't have to go researching to find penguins, pylons, vis wax rune combinations, and anything else you can imagine!!

Get help from experienced players and knowledgeable mentors if you're learning a new aspect of the game, returning from a long break or just starting for the first time!

Forum | 290-291-498-66187069
Discord | PM me Teal Aura#3333 for an invite if you're interested in Doots and I'll get you in the Discord as a guest!
Runeclan | https://www.runeclan.com/clan/Doots/

1 | Don't be a dick. The most important rule of all.
2 | All users must have their RuneScape name included in their Discord nickname.
3 | Follow the rules of RuneScape in our discord server. They still apply here.
4 | Be respectful to your fellow players.
5 | Racism/sexism/homophobia are strictly prohibited.
6 | Talk with the intent of offending others (trolling) will not be tolerated.
7 | No begging.


We can offer

• Guides •
• Giveaways •
• Buy limit helpers •
• Pingable PVM roles •
• Several voice channels •
• Bots to track achievements •
• Bots to track GE and PVM rotations •




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