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So broke its unbelievable!! need sum money making help!


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heya, this is my first post so here it goes...




im flat out broke with only 150k! :boohoo:




Its so annyoing!




here are my stats (oh and i dnt want to fish, wc and i want to rc in the abyss but only got 1 glory lol):


Overall 1229


Attack 72


Defence 68


Strength 75


Hitpoints 75


Ranged 71


Prayer 49


Magic 73


Cooking 57


Woodcutting 70


Fletching 77


Fishing 65


Firemaking 50


Crafting 47


Smithing 61


Mining 65


Herblore Not Ranked


Agility 58


Thieving 53


Slayer Not Ranked


Farming Not Ranked


Runecraft 69


Construction Not Ranked




any ideas?? oh and i try to avoid mining but i dnt mind fletching but not to many.





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