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Grg's Pest Control Party 2-canceled,o well,party tomorow


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im so bad on short notice things




im trying it again!!




the world is tba, but, the party is tonight!!!!




this time, im not going to say its on now, but, i will say that its at 9-? eastern, so people will say if they will come.




i also need to knwo if you want it to be in an almost abandoned world, or a so-so world, like half of 78.




gifts are appreciated , but optional.(i do need to borrow rune armour for pc though, with chain.BORROW, NOT KEEP)






if you wil lcome, post, and if no one posts within an hour, i will have it some other time

cooking 48/50, magic 31/45

agility 15/30,

date of 1 year aniversary on grgcsmc-aprox


I Killed a Lesser!!!!!!!!!!

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