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best f2p combat spot


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Guest TaDaraCampbell

at your lvl, moss giants or hill giants, when u get 60+ lessers is the best in karamja valcanoe, so when u run out of food u can always bring ur trusty lobby cage with u and an axe and tinder box so u can run down, fish some lobs, cook em, and go back to slaughtering...


Advice i have been giving to people your lvl and lower though, is to make a new account and make it into a pure, pure mains are supposedly fun and bring in a lot of money, and since ur lvl you havent accomplished too much, its all the better... u really dont have to pay attention to that, but id just like to see more pure mains... mains like mine get u so addicted to the game that ur playing for 12+ hours straight cuz u feel you have to get 99 in everything, and almost never get outside, but with pure mains u really only have to play on saturdays- pking days.

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