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Need some help for range please.


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Hi rangers, i could do with some help on lvling range.


At the moment i am lvl 56 range but i need to get it to 70 as quickly as possible cause i am trying to train slayer, i have got slayer to almost 55 but i am now getting to the popint where it is impossible without good dhide defence so i need to get black.


At the moment i am just linvinh in pest control and using that, is this time efficient or would i be better off going elsewhere to train, any advice would be greatfully appreciated.




P.S. preferably something that drops something half decent.

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Fire Giants ftw! 444 experience per giant and they drop lots of good stuff.




I started training range from 50-70 5 days ago and I am currently level 69 with the fire giants. My drops so far have been 13 rune scimmies, 1 rune spear, 1 rune square, 2 loop and teeth halfs (2 crystal keys), and 11K Fire Runes. So I'm thinking it will take you around 4-5 days to level up to 70 and good luck! :D


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