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Fletching blog including pictures

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Hey all i recently started to do fletching.




Day 1




I bought 9.7k williows and i started fletching them.Iam now in the rogues den fletching my butt off. I needed a new way to make money because fishing wasnt working out for me.I was talking to people about it and they said it was a awesome money maker so here iam getting mine to 70.














current stats


















Fletching lvls



















Random pictures =]




























Well thats that i will update it everyday but plz not just look at the pictures then leave please atleast post or something.I will make a list of people who have supported and stuff. You are welcome to pm me in runescape if u want to.




The person who is helping me the most which is someone who is selling me yews and magics for when i hit 70 and 85 and that person is




baylee14 =] couldnt do this without u




Support list




1.Doom leader1







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isnt castle wars bank closer and its only 1 click




my fletching is 68 trying same goal as u i got 2800 willows to go lol yay!!




i cant get any pics of me fletching because image shake wont work 4 me

Mojo477 has had to quit members so i need friends to talk to on my pure Lived4devil so please add her

"The elves having helped create the crystal saw is like Greenpeace having helped create a nuclear seal skinner"

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