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Fairy Rings teleport?


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Ive noticed the fairy rings all around these places I travel to alot....slayer place, canifis, etc, I was at 53 herblore, in 3 days I have gotten myself to 57 did the quest, and cant figure out for the life of me HOW to get to the other places...I havent been able to locate a guide, and havent seen anyone go through them that I could ask. So basically I want to know, where all can the rings take me, and how do I use them? (I know HOW they are used, but like what codes do I put in for what locations?)

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Trial and error tells me:


BKP=South of Castle Wars (Zogre Flesh eater area)


DKR= South of Edge Canoe area


CLS=Green Spider Island East of Yanille


BIS= INSIDE the unicorn cage in Ardy Zoo.


ALR= Somewhere in the Abyss :shock:


BKQ= Eternal Forest? What I was told, weirdest place I have ever seen.

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