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How to crop pictures?

Guest IvanNz

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Uh.... this is basic stuff.... :?








But if you really don't know yet.....








In justabout every graphics program I've seen theres a little button somewhere with a small rectangle or square on it outlined by a black and white dashed line, click on it.








Then select the area of the image you want to remove (Left-click and drag) and hit delete.



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In Photoshop:




1. Make a selection with Rectuangular Marquee Tool (M, or Shift + M until you get it selected)




2. Go Image > Crop.








Be careful when cropping, though! If your cropping something you think might be wanted later on, before you crop press "Duplicate Current State" button in the History Pallet (Or Image > Duplicate Image i think) and save the new one as something different than the original. Now you can crop the new one, and if you ever want to go back to full size you just need to open the original ;)

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