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Shadowdancer's farewell party Thurs, March 8, 2007 9PM EST

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Shadowdancer asked me to post this. He quitting Runescape. If you don't know who he is, he is a high-level player, number 308 in the highscores.








Edit: he changed the start time.








Bit of an update here.








Since my house has been deprived of the Internet for 3 days due to modem failure, I am moving the party back 6 hours (to 9:00PM EST). The repair technicial isn't due to come until Thursday sometime.








Date: Thursday, March 8, 2007




Time: 9:00PM




Time zone: Eastern Standard Time




Location: Yanille House Portal




World: 131
















"Grande Melee Treasure Grab"




So far, I am planning a more or less "Grand Finale" combat event. Basically, everyone will be dropped into my Oubliette and Challenge PvP mode will be turned on. The goal is to reach the treasure chest at the end of the dungeon (which is small compared to some other ones but hardly a breeze).
















He posted the information about his farewell party on the official forums, QFC: 42-43-693-40149868








Hello, everyone. I am hosting my farewell party at my POH this coming Thursday.








Date: Thursday, March 8, 2007




Time: 3:00PM




Time zone: Eastern Standard Time




Location: Yanille House Portal




World: 131








I'm basically leaving RuneScape forever due to reasons which are somewhat varied. Suffice to say I cannot justify continuing to play, so Thursday evening is my last night.








I am hereby inviting everyone who plays RuneScape and has members to attend my house party. I really don't care what people bring or wear, I just ask that you of course be respectful and not act like an immature clown.








My house has the following features:




- Games room (Hangman, Attack Stone, Ranging Game, Elemental Balance, all games are maxed out)




- Workshop, where you can repair your Barrows gear, paint crests on shields, etc...




- Teleportation portal (Varrock, Falador, Canifis)




- Two fully equipped bedrooms, for those of you who wish to change your appearances




- Fully stocked kitchen featuring a keg of Chef's delight




- A parlour, replete with marble fireplace and bookcases which hold every tome in the game




- A (somewhat sparse) quest hall, with a mounted Glory amulet should you feel the need to depart for Edgeville, Draynor, Karamja or Al Kharid in a hurry




- A Gilded altar room, dedicated to Saradomin, maxed out - bring your bones and a lighter and Marrentill herbs; you will get 350% of the experience awarded for burying bones!




- An eagle lecturn in my study - ideal for crafting most teleportation tablets




- My throne room, which has everything except for thrones (I deleted my throne room by accident a few months ago ) - I have a maxed out lever and a dungeon...




- Dungeon: The dungeon is 4 rooms (Oubliette, 2 corridors and treasure room) featuring Hellhounds, teleport traps, a flame pit, and a Steel Dragon guarding treasure ...








The party will last 4 hours or more, so feel free to arrive late. I will be showcasing my skillcapes on a regular basis for entertainment.









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