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kalphite queen


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This may be a dumb question but please dont flame i am just curious.








Me and 2 of my friends were thinking of trying to kill the kalphite queen, ill list our stats and methods below, one of us will be meleeing, one will be maging and one ranging








#1 Me, Ranging, 70 defence - 70 attack- 70 strength -74 hp - 70 range, 63 prayer








Best range gear available, either magic short with rune , or a crystal bow












#2 Melee , 74 attack - 68 defence - 73 strength - 72 hp, 55 prayer
















#3 Mage , 75 attack - 68 defence - 74 strength - 75 hp, 73 mage - 62 prayer








Casting Sara strike
















As always suggestions are always welcome to tactics and equiptment, even the levels.



always trading cooked : monkfish and sharks for your raw

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Lawl man that will be hard..since it all starts in the 1st form..and ur m8 cant kill him alone lol..so you have to melee them together..But dont know if that will be posible with thoose stats lo0l..And if you kill it it changes in the second form..which you have to range/mage....but when she tranfers to the second form you can teleport to lumby..bank, and get back fast again..maybe you can do it in 2 trips..but i don't think so.

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