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Today in a nutshell

Posted by Haruko, in Training, Stats, Goals, Uncategorized 01 February 2011 · 787 views

Slayer; Whip Nomad Quest Ranging Training
Whoa been almost two months since last post :o Time to change that.

Got 85 Slayer last night :D Decided to chill at the Abyssal Demons until I got a whip. About an hour last night, no whip. Called it a night and since I couldn't make it into work due to snow I killed more demons. An hour killing them and I got one.

Posted Image

I kinda did...stuff. I don't really remember. After a while of stuff, I decided to give Nomad one more shot. He killed me numerous times, and this time, I wanted him dead. I bought that Armadyl's Helmet and Statius's Warhammer. Considering my net wealth was barely 20m, this was a large chunk of my money, and a big gamble.

Posted Image

It was successful, but it was very close. I was absolutely out of food and it could have gone either way. Statius's Warhammer completely bombed his defence and, if not for that, I'd probably would have failed. Again. And Kyatt scrolls in helm did not work out too well. Kept saying that there were no scrolls when I put 120 in the helm and by end of quest only 10 was used. Whatever. Quest done.

Posted Image

Then I did a bit of Slayer and got this.

Posted Image

Now I'm going to do a bit of skilling I'm thinking. Haven't really decided what skill I want to train up yet. Oh well. I'll think of something :P

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