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  1. Haruko

    200M All Skills

    I wouldn't critacise him really. He was the first player to reach 3 200m skills (I think). He also has a 200M on another account. Matt258 was a former rank 1 in WC, Fletch and Firemake at the same time. By todays standards he is far off but by the standards of the day when achieved he wasn't. Sharks was most popular for Cook, Mages were far too expensive and fletching was done by stringing bows. A Partyhat set was like 800M back then. All the best of luck to Matt258 on you're goal. Yogosun was the first with 3 200M skills. He was the first to 2 200M skills though. His training back then was still faster than Runecrafting which tops off at like 55k exp an hour and skills like Prayer, Herblore, and Construction which would cost obscene amounts of money. But still, good luck dude :>
  2. Haruko

    200M All Skills

    Why not try for all 99s and 120 Dungeoneering first? Your current 3 200m skills are Cooking, Fletching, and Firemaking all relatively fast skills. Regardless good luck.
  3. 99 Fishing <>< Fishing is fun.
  4. I don't exactly have friends to refer :( Even if I did I still wouldn't. All off the botting and advertisers would probably throw most people off. :/
  5. I wouldn't mind having the charms :> I'm guessing at least the iron arrows and feathers would sell on GE though.
  6. Happy birthday :D

  7. Last purchased: Pokemon Black Currently Playing: Pokemon Black
  8. Haruko

    93 Woodcutting

  9. Haruko


    Nice :o This seems really profitable. Bah I hate my lack of staking skills D:
  10. Haruko


    Missed work due to snow, and apparently a blizzard is coming soon. Considering I'm moving to Seattle at the end of February and I need all the money I can get, this isn't looking too good D: And my bus ticket came in the mail today :D
  11. Normally I get 0. Not really bothered with Kill Count. I always end up with more Deaths and Minds after Barrowsing for a bit than I use so I'm not concerned. I only kill the monsters if they're being annoying, like if they are stopping me from getting through the puzzle door.
  12. I really don't know. Maybe? I was just attacking people regardless of weapon or equipment.
  13. Haruko

    Today in a nutshell

    Whoa been almost two months since last post :o Time to change that. Got 85 Slayer last night :D Decided to chill at the Abyssal Demons until I got a whip. About an hour last night, no whip. Called it a night and since I couldn't make it into work due to snow I killed more demons. An hour killing them and I got one. I kinda did...stuff. I don't really remember. After a while of stuff, I decided to give Nomad one more shot. He killed me numerous times, and this time, I wanted him dead. I bought that Armadyl's Helmet and Statius's Warhammer. Considering my net wealth was barely 20m, this was a large chunk of my money, and a big gamble. It was successful, but it was very close. I was absolutely out of food and it could have gone either way. Statius's Warhammer completely bombed his defence and, if not for that, I'd probably would have failed. Again. And Kyatt scrolls in helm did not work out too well. Kept saying that there were no scrolls when I put 120 in the helm and by end of quest only 10 was used. Whatever. Quest done. Then I did a bit of Slayer and got this. Now I'm going to do a bit of skilling I'm thinking. Haven't really decided what skill I want to train up yet. Oh well. I'll think of something :P
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