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Harpoon one, get one free

Posted by Troacctid, in Runescape, Humor 30 August 2010 · 1,069 views

humor runescape fishing
Right. I have another beef with fishing. Uh...I guess it may be a bit more superficial than the last one, but, well...anyway...

You know how if you have high enough agility, you have a chance of harpooning double fish?

How the hell does that work?

Look, here's what you're doing:

Posted Image

Stabbing at the water, right? So...like...um...huh?

"Hey, looks like I stabbed through two sharks instead of one! Sweet!" :-o

I find that implausible and yet...really cool.

But it gets worse. See, what if what you're doing is this:

Posted Image

Now how does it work?

"Whew, I finally wrestled that shark out of the water! What a workout! Hey, wait a minute, what's that? Holy [cabbage]! There was another shark, inside my shark! Wow! No wonder it put up such a fight!" Posted Image

Or is it more like,

"Hey guys, check out this piece of awesome: I'm so badass, I can wrestle...GRAAAH! Two sharks out of the water, one with each arm! Booyah! I am the noodling champion!" :-w

Actually, now that I think about it, my character is hella badass. :ohnoes:

you kind of scare me now...Posted Image
no less to say :P
You pull out one shark, and find that another one was munching on its tail.
Or having fishing, strength, and agility levels that high allows you to get the sharks out of the water with nothing but your will.
Badass indeed! :thumbsup:

Your BMF award is undoubtedly in the mail as we speak.

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