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  1. damn oh well, white rhino will have to suffice
  2. so I was on holiday and I come backto this, is there still enought time to get the black rhino? (question 9 today, that makes 6 questions total for me unless next monday is counted also)
  3. At least we can all agree that the important rs questions are being asked here... no seriously, I thinck that you are right :p
  4. no no no god no spiders have no place on sunny beaches plz jagex, give this creature a web-infested lair, an try to imply some vertical gameplay, plz :( we already have a big menacing sand critter... give us something new plz
  5. phew, that's gonna take a while (especially because the voyage for thos kharidian exile's is not exactly easy xd) but at least I know what I'm working to now, thancks a lot :D
  6. finally reached the shield, but i noticed that a lot of my crewmembers are just bad now (like oxhead and horseface). What's considered the ideal crew now in the shield?
  7. They only attack you after you attack them first meaning you can take them out one by one.To unlock this title, you just have to get them all attack you at the same time before you kill them. Thancks, any tips to accomplish this or is it not THAT hard?
  8. Is there only one chance for the title? What do you mean with "at the same time", like all 4 falling at the exact same time??
  9. Hey guys, So i'm trying to get my taskmaster emote but i'm stuck on the morytania elite tasks concerning temple trekking/burg de roth ramble. Medium and easy characters are really easy to level, but the hard ones are slow as hell... Are there any tricks/tips to lvl them faster? Or just: what's the fastest way to lvl'm?
  10. Is this normal? happens when i maximise rs (after it has been on half screen) oh and: at last all cb-stats (except pray and summ) 99 :)
  11. Will there be offhand darts to? or will Jagex ruin these by not allowing us to use tier 85 dual wield?
  12. That's the problem with an mmo where a game constanly evolves as opposed to a regular game where sequels are launched after a certain amount of time to continue on the story. The story/lore of Runescape has become so complex that only the experienced players have a clear understanding of what comes before an what comes after 'the world wakes'. implementing a big change (5th age -> 6th age) in a regular game is quite easy. implementing the same change in an mmo is practicly impossible due to the ever changing player base. (tl:dr : new players have a very hard time understanding the story/lore of runescape.)
  13. I noticed, uncharged pouches are now the fastest way of training summ :d
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