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How am I supposed to kill you with this small pile of bones in the way?

Posted by Troacctid, in Runescape, Humor 09 November 2010 · 1,195 views

humor runescape ranged
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I am the mighty demon Korg'zt! I have crushed cities and defiled temples! I will grind your bones and use them as a pizza topping! You shall rue the day you chose to approach me with your pathetic bow!

Um, excuse me, would you please move to the other side of this skeleton here?

You will perish in fire, I swear it! I merely ask that you step out from behind that small pile of bones first.

Why? Do not question the mighty Korg'zt! I shall flay the skin from your bones with a rusty chain! I shall carve out your eyeballs with a blunt spoon! I shall...hey! Stop that! Your pathetic arrows could never topple the mighty Korg'zt...ow! Cut that out!

I vow, puny human, that as soon as I overcome this ankle-height obstacle, I will...ow! Would you quit that? I'm trying to--hey!

Look, all I want is for you to come over here so that I can painfully dismember you without having to risk stubbing my toe on this skeleton. Can't you just--ow! Aaargh!

With my dying breath I curse you, ankle-height pile of bones! If only I could somehow have walked across or around you! Curse you, bones! Curse you! Cuuuurse you...

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Curse youuuuuu, pile of bones :D!
I remember broavs being used as portable safespots?
I giggled :P

Your blog posts are always good for a chuckle and a giggle, and I look forward to the next one :thumbsup:
Well done :P
Do one for someone getting pickpocketed now. Like that Master Farmer in Draynor, for example.

Do one for someone getting pickpocketed now. Like that Master Farmer in Draynor, for example.

A solid idea. Noted for future use.
loved it. :D

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