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The Combat Beta Isn't the Only Thing Coming on June 26th! (for me anyway)

Posted by ForsakenMage, in Real Life, Random RuneScape Chatter 22 June 2012 · 1,282 views

Legacy of Blood Return to Canifis Betrayal at Falador RuneScape novel book T. S. Church
With all the excitement over the Combat Beta coming next week, it seems a little something that was highly promoted before got put back in the shadows. At least, from what I can tell so far.

Some of you already know that I've actually gone and purchased the first and second RuneScape novels by T.S. Church, more out of curiosity than interest. And if anyone's taken the time to speak to the various NPCs in game that were mentioned in the book, you'll hear a few tidbits about the squire-later-knighted Theodore Kassel and Kara-Meir, although some of the things they say seem to bode something not good...

The third novel to the series, Legacy of Blood, comes out on June 26th, the same day as the Combat Beta!!! (And yes, I did pre-order it on Amazon, and should be getting it on the day of release!) The majority of the rest of this post will be in hide tags so if you haven't read Betrayal at Falador and Return to Canifis, don't read the stuff in the hide tags!!!

Minor Spoilers

All in all, I hope Legacy of Blood turns out to be good. I expect we'll learn more about Gar'rth, and how the people in the kingdom of Misthalin prepare themselves for the undead armies to come...

Managed to get Return to Canifis & Legacy of Blood on my Kindle, seems it had an earlier release date. Read RtC in one sitting, and halfway through LoB.
Really good so far, but I'm not giving spoilers! ;)
Edit: Finished it, now it's a year's (give or take) wait for the next one. :(