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Family Guy

Family Guy...   I watch it. And it's not that bad, it's nice to have a laugh from time to time and relax a bit, certainly during exams.   But I can't figure out why some think it's the best out there (compared to South Park, The Simpsons, American Dad and Futurama). Even though it's entertaining, it's annoying at the same time. Why? Pretty much every episode contains annoying fillers. Which are in my opinion, extremely annoying. Cut them out and an episode will be 10-15 minutes long (or short).




'Greetings' (Pilot)

Greetings all,   So this is my first blog, it took me a while before I found out how to make it. But here I am!   Usually, the first episode of a serie is called 'Pilot' (right?), so I added 'Pilot' in the title of this first entry!   So, what did I want to talk about: Greetings.   It's something I usually use to greet someone. There are many ways: - Hello - Hi - Yo - What do you want? - ... I prefer the word 'Greetings'.   Why am I talking about this? Well... Is 'greetings' acceptable as a gree



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