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st00f to do with me, pixel or *shudder* the real world

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Well, as the title suggests, im annoyed.   My members runs out in two days, and i have no access to runescape in that time, and have about 20m in members items, and a 5m cashpile. I want to to end my members with full sara, zammy, guthix rune, like last time I did- when I get members again, ill sell the items, possibly for profit, possibly for loss- I dont really mind, as im leaving 7.5m cash in my coffers, so the herbs, nests and maples I get from that should make up any losses I have!   Ambler




Ok... Lets see if this works

It seems to...   Anyways: I'm "the real one" currently in rs, and im trying to get a solo zammy hilt! Of course, this may take a while!   Here are my current stats:     and here are my goals:   and my adventurers log:



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