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My first hawt failure




Well... This isn't today's daily blog. That will come in a few hours. I finished making a quick extra mil for training supplies which I talked about yesterday, but it appears that prayer pots and other pots aren't selling... Grr >.< So I decided to pay the KBD my first solo visit.... EPIC FAIL! I had to tele out with no food left and 9 hp left. But, I did get him down to 1/2 health. Does that count? Keep in mind this was testing my current skills for a solo, and, well, they are still ultra-noobish. I used 1 super anti poison, 2 prayer pots, 1 sara brew, and one super defense. I switched between my whip and ddp++. My failure wasn't in my supplies - it is my levels - 72 attack, 65 str, 67 def. I will train them to 70 str, and 70 def, *then* try a real solo. If any of you guy's have any tips, feel free to post them. (Combat level is only 89 btw)


I was going to take a screeny as proof that I got him down to 1/2 health, but I was too lazy >_>. Just take my word :P. Now I will train my strength with my Slayer tasks - two birds and one stone, so.... It appears that I will be busy for a while. My other reason for the epic fail was that super strength, anti-fire, and prayer pots aren't selling on G.E right now because of the high-level Herbelore update. Oh wells. I can make prayer pots, but I can't make antifire potions. >_>


So, yea, this is my first epic fail. I enjoyed it though. I will start a real solo at 70 strength + super strength pot.


Feel free to comment your thoughts on my attempt.



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