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Linux? Livecd? Bootmanager?

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so guys, in 3 days i've done a few things with linux, i'll list them in cause and effect order.



found an article about Linux--> wanted to try a live CD ---> successfully burned/booted from livecd--> wanted to install it on a partition (make my computer a multiboot system--> shrunk my windows7 partition-->tried to install the puppy versions of linux on a partition--> it didn't work--> tried to install ubuntu--> it worked, but i decide i didn't like it--> deleted ubuntu partition--> made my computer unbootable because grub was my boot loader, and it had files in the ubuntu partion (oops)--> reinstalled ubuntu--> booted into windows 7--> needed recovery CD to remove grub boot manager--> didn't have windows 7 recovery CD--> get recovery CD ISO and burned it using my laptop (iso found here)--> booted into windows 7 recovery CD--> ran bootrec[Caution: Executable File] /fixmbr command from recovery CD command prompt--> command removed grub and made windows 7 boot manager default again--> booted into windows 7--> removed ubuntu partition--> rebooted to check that it worked (recovery CD at hand)--> it worked--> rejoiced--> made this cause/effect list.


wow, learned a lot in this time, at least if i ever come across a boot problem again, I know how to fix it.


also, just some definitions for non geeks (proud geek myself)


HARD DRIVES are like houses, because each house (hard drive) has its own rooms (partitons). Houses come in different sizes, and may contain any number of rooms (partitions). They can also be expensive, and some are built better than others.


Adding a second hard drive to your system is like buying a vacation home at the shore or the lake. It could be used to store all your digital Media, such as your MP3 collection, your lossless audio files, or photographs.


PARTITIONS are like rooms in a house, because they separate different parts of a house into distinct areas for different purposes. For example, the kitchen for cooking, bedroom for sleeping, gaming room for playing Counterstrike. Likewise, you can create a partition for all your Games, and another to store your Back-ups, etc.


FOLDERS (also called directories) are like areas sectioned off by room-dividers, because they are simple to set-up (create), and easy to remove (delete). They can be changed around without much fuss to suit your needs. But they also have limitations.


Dual-Boot- A computer with two operating system (other Operating systems can be installed on a new Hard drive, or a partion)


Multi-boot- same as Dual boot, but with more than 2 operating systems.



some questions about my causes/effects (put your answers in the comments, in next entry, I'll put the answers)


Q1:What command did i run to make windows boot manager default?


Q2:What Linux did I try to install first?


Q3:Why is deleting the partition of your HD with the boot manager not a good idea?

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