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Poll: Best Video editor?

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ok guys, I want a new video editor, and i was thinking adobe premiere elements. the top of my price range is about $80, so nothing to expensive.

I am looking for... well, lets put it this way, 1 is beginner software, 10 is advanced, I'm looking in the 5-7 category.

Quite a bit more than beginner, and a little less than professional, in an -$80 price range.



[hide=Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD]sony.png[/hide]

[hide=Adobe Premiere Elements]premiere.png[/hide]

Click on the one you think is best, and you will vote!








post any others, and I'll look at them and place them here


Thanks everyone!


P.S. I've get the trial of Sony vegas MS HD and elements, as those are the 2 I'm really looking at.

If you can provide a better one, I'll try it to.

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I personally use Adobe Premiere Pro and find it fantastic for all my editing needs. Its sort of around a 7.5-8 in difficulty. The interface is also a little clunky at times but it doesn't really bother me. I'm not so sure about Elements but it should come with a decent array of abilities too. Many however recommend Sony Vegas for beginning film makers. So you may want to go with that as a starter program. Just be sure that whichever you go with, you research the student pricing discounts! They take a huge chunk of the cost away...

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pro is a little out of my price range, even with educational discount, whick i am not qualified for (gradeschool dang it!), I was thinking about movie studio hd, as premiere elemen is slow and crashes a lot, plus the 1.19 GB trial version took like 5 hours to download, and i didn't even try to download the 3.5gb addon package. Vegas has everything i need I think. Gimme some more opinions guys!

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