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I think I like Slayer

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Just finished a ~200 Gargoyles task




I think I did pretty good. :P


Got enough supplies to go from 71 to around 83 summoning this weekend. I had to DIY most of the secondaries but it will be worth it. :D After I'm done my 2-3 hours of summoning I'll probably spend the rest of the time doing either agility, runecrafting, or mining. Right now I'm leaning towards runecrafting as it's been a long time goal of mine to get to level 91.


On another note, recently I've changed my ingame name to "Mr Spock" but I'm uncertain whether I should keep it. It's a cool name but somehow I kind of miss my old one with the numbers at the end. Ah well, I've still got another 25 days before I have to make a decision.


'Bout all for now, perhaps my next blog post will be sooner than one month after this one. :roll:

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Keep your old one :thumbup:


You can change it every now and then for lulz anyway

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