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Full Penance + Other news.







I've been playing a lot of Barbarian Assault lately. It is by far my favorite minigame activity in Runescape. I've been so busy with school that I haven't had a whole lot of time to play. I log in and do my dailies, then play some BA, mostly. I'm slowly saving up for 92 prayer (84 right now), and I just started saving up avantoes for herblore. I still have trouble defending in BA, so I'm gonna keep playing till I master that. I also want to get one of each penance item and fully charge my horn. Oh, and I want to join BAA (Barbarian Assault Addicts), which is a very exclusive BA clan.


I've met a lot of really great people, too. It's so much easier to find good players when you have full penance. I'm gonna start working on getting 300 MA rank, as it's very AFKable. Too bad it sucks as a minigame.


I was horribly sick for a week, so I missed a bunch of school. I'm playing catchup. I probably shouldn't have played Runescape at all today, haha, but I can't stand not being able to wear my quest cape, and I wanted to max my points in BA.


95 Slayer. Taking a break. When I slay, I slay hardcore, so I can't do it when I know I can only play for a couple hours.




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I met a bunch of people who I play with regularly now, and they're teaching me to be a pro defender. :thumbup:

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