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Dragon Claws, 92 Prayer, Etc.



First I got these in less than 50 total Tormented Demon kills:




Then I got this five minutes later, cancelling my streak of Karil's coifs:




After a lot of farming and solo mole hunting, I sold my claws and bought this, and . . .




. . . a Staff of Light and Ranger Boots.




I'm ready to mage/ranged slay. :thumbup: My goal is 97 ranged and 97 mage, which should get me to 99 summoning and slayer . . . hopefully. I'm about 450k experience from 99 constitution. I'll be saving up for 95 prayer on my way to 99 slayer.


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What skill are you mage slaying with? I tried using nearly maxed mage gear and fire bolt with chaos gauntlets, and it sucked, but I don't want to spend too much on waves or surges.

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Lol'd at you saying "what skill", lalalalala. I'd personally use surges to max xp, but then again I wouldn't mage slayer because of how awful it is.

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I was using Claws of Guthix until I got my SoL. I'm using wind surge right now. It's pretty expensive, but it's not so slow that it kills me. I'd much rather be mage slaying than sitting in a bank using plank make or string amulets. :thumbup:

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