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Hello dear blog readers! It would seem that I literally disappeared off the face of the Earth for the past month or so. You can thank my overzealous instructors assigning term paper after term paper :P. But it is a relief to enjoy this little Spring break I have along with the interesting holiday its associated with. Easter? Of course not! The holiday I'm talking about is:





Such a day harkens back both comical Tif and Runescape memories. So many that it would be tough to catch 'em all...huh? Don't understand what I mean by that? Oh you will in time ;).


Anyways, to get to actual status updates, I am currently over 80k gold bars and well on my way to reaching the mythical 100k :shock:! This has given my mining xp a pretty sizeable boost and bumped me up to 21 million mining xp. Besides the typical mining and smelting, I am currently in the middle of yet another machinima project. I had it planned a month ago but school has been eating away any chance I've had to work on it. But rest assured, a new film is most certainly on the way.


So with that I bid you adieu and leave you with this question: What has been your most favorite April Fools related stunt?



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