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Well I certainly got a kick out of Tip.It's April Fools Day festivities. For those of you that were not around to indulge in our bit of mischief or those who just wanna relive the fun, I present to you...




Reminiscent of the Night of the Living Pikachu, the staff decided to outdue the efforts that us crewbies had made during last year's Halloween high jinks. This meant not only building a Pokemon army, but creating an unstoppable wave of Pokemania to overthrow the entire Tip.It forum. We each took on a Pokemon persona and created countless avatars/sigs to match. In between we also brainstormed other bits of mischief such as an entire forum dedicated to Pokespeak. Here's a look at all mayhem!



It all started with what Pokemon each of us were going to choose to unveil on the magic day. Some of us chose Pokemon relevant to our personalities, style, or temperament. I chose Persian, as it was a feline Pokemon and I myself am of Persian descent :D! We even had some cute Pokecouples like ForsakenMage and Necromagus being Nidoqueen and Nidoking. Each choice seemed to fit all of us naturally like a glove.


We started unveiling them by posting sprites in the forums for the now running Rank Contest. Little did the users know what was coming. Conspiracy theories ensued and the suspense was beginning to build. We finally couldn't contain our Pokepersonalities any longer and brought them to Forum Games!


[hide]Full picture (click to enlarge)






Pi Ka Pikachu! (Silly Posts)

Following our Forum Games onslaught, we released several Pikachus to scamper around the forums. The forum logo was sneakily changed to one that bore a Pikachu holding the old logo in its cute little paws. A mysterious forum also appeared with the subtext of "Protected Forum." Clicking upon it lead to a forum full of native Pokemon speakers...mainly those of the Pika variety. We did however have an appearance of the elusive Snorlax :o!





Snorlax Appearance



Other silly postings include the now legendary Queen Valerie Will You Marry Me thread. Das professed his love to Valerie in a heartfelt sonnet. Well-wishers arrived in droves and spirits were high. It was not long however before Queen Valerie would arrive, only to reject Das's proposal!



What the h...? :angry:


I thought it was you and me, then you go pull a stunt like this...


What the he... is right? I think he is trying to get you jealous but... tis was a lovely poem.


I'm done with men I tell ya! Ohh wait.... is that cowman who just walked in... <3: =P~


Sorry Das... but " I don't " :P



Be the Very Best!

The true magic of the day arrived when we started seeing users join in on the fun. There wasn't a poster in sight who didn't want to be the very best...


So dear Tip.Iters, thank you for the amazing community effort. I hope you all enjoyed the Day of Pokemadness as much as the staff did. I leave you with this closing song that we all know and love...



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"Following our Forum Games onslaught"


wut? There was no such thing.


Oh, and you missed the /fg/ers invasion and hijacking of the marriage thread. We did a much better job than you with your supposed "onslaught."

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"Following our Forum Games onslaught"


wut? There was no such thing.


Oh, and you missed the /fg/ers invasion and hijacking of the marriage thread. We did a much better job than you with your supposed "onslaught."

Heh I am not one to question the power of /fg/ers and no I did not miss your visit of the Das marriage thread :D. Consider ours humble in comparison :P!

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Hehe, I'd like to thank all of the staff for the tremendous effort that was put into organising that day. I think in the end, our efforts were worth it though <3:

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