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  1. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  2. Happy birthday, bud!

  3. To the OP: New & Corrupt The spear isn't a very popular item, so the street price is the same as the GE price.
  4. There is no Summoning boost, unfortunately. Not even evil stews will work. Sorry. :(
  5. I'm seriously considering attending this time around. I'll be in Germany (rather than in the States), so the flight over to the UK won't be quite as bad. I hope everything works out, although there's no way of telling at this point. :pray: If I'm able to go, I'd be interested in meeting some TIFers. :thumbup:
  6. 'Agreed with the above. Farming the Wraith was worthwhile before Runetrek5 (I believe it was called) ruined the safespots there, but now you shouldn't even bother, unfortunately.
  7. Only exhibitionists would enjoy being stripped in public. ...is there something you want to tell us? :P
  8. Because it ultimately threatens net neutrality. Hacking into government-affiliated sites for [cabbage]s and giggles gives politicians more of a reason to consider cracking down and implementing stricter Internet regulations. EDIT: Beat to it by Mask, heh.
  9. Congratulations! (although I'm terribly jealous atm) :lol:
  10. Hmm, I thought I was on the P2P and Staff lists at one point. Could I be re-added, please? :)
  11. Ah, my mistake as well. It can be hard to tell who's responding to whom when there are multiple quotes. #-o ily2, Carl <3: I'm sure we all know what loyalty means; there's really no need to quote a definition. And no, for many companies, the only "loyal" consumers of their products are paying customers. The reason why so many people (myself included) initially thought this update could lead to micropayments was because of the ambiguity in the BTS. Thankfully, Jagex responded quickly and resolved the matter.
  12. Iddison era sources don't count though because he did a crap load of game ruining money maker schemes they they complete back pedalled and tore out after getting rid of him rather quickly. I mean he was only there for like a year! And of that year the most notable thing would of been the gnomecoptor advertising and the other become a member! things from clicking members stuff in f2p. That's certainly true. While I believe MMG has better intentions and cares more for the game itself than Iddison ever did, however, I don't think he'll pass on the opportunity to generate more revenue through micropayments if he believes he can implement them without too much backlash from the community. So long as they only offer cosmetic items (at least in the beginning), I believe there's a possibility that Jagex will be able to get away with it. This is all assuming that they intend to introduce micropayments, of course, and I sincerely hope I'm mistaken. I don't have a source because Iddison was replaced years ago. 'Not the easiest thing finding an old source when you're not quite sure where to even start looking. :mellow:
  13. That underlined/bold is exactly what they want to do, they've mentioned it loads of times before. Really? I've never heard them mention it before, care to link me a source? I don't have a source, but I believe Jagex once considered implementing micropayments under Iddison's lead.
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