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It's been a while - 124kc Saradomin solo




Well it's been over three months since I made a blog entry here, but I may as well post :P


Got 124 kc solo at sara - could have had more if I had brought more prayer potions and fewer saradomin brews (had 14 of these leftover <_< )




Also got 50 herbs again for the first time since... over three months ago :P



Lastly I bought a third age platebody last night, and I plan to buy the legs as soon as I can find a deal. I'll probably post a best of bank after that.



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31 kills with just a terrorbird? That's amazing :blink: Most I ever got was 17 kills, with overloads too lol. Would you mind posting your set up?

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@Stonewall: I'm sure it'll get bought up again, and I really like the looks, so why not buy for cheap now? I can use it later to upgrade my partyhat.


@Yolink: Most of it comes down to luck with brew/rest, food, and ppot drops to be perfectly honest. I will post my gear and inventory as well.

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Not bad! As soon as I get 70 agil, should I solo? (70 prayer, 85 range, 84 def, no extremes/ overs)

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