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13 levels in two days :-o

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This weekend was a very productive weekend for me in RS. Strangely enough, it turned out not so productive in RL. I think those two might somehow be inversely connected :unsure:


It started on saturday. I realised it was time to knuckle under and finish some quests. So I started out nice and easy with Rune Mechanics. Thanks to the wonderful quest guides from the Tip.it Crew <3: <3: I breezed through fairly quickly. Then a quick look in my quest log. What's available. Hmmmm, I've started Summers End (The spirit beast kept chomping up my blue pouch creatures so I decided a break was needed. A very long break), and I'm about halfway through Within the light. And I haven't even started Blood runs deep. OK, there was a reason I abandoned those other two, so BRD it is. Again, thanks to the wonderful quest guides I made it through (If only that bleeding, limping wuss of a king could kindly suck it up and hurry. We're being chased my nasty monsters here!) Oh my. 400K xp, all for meeee. Well, I'd be an idiot not to spend it on prayer so prayer it is. Ding! 83 prayer. And only 39K from 84? That's only about 140 drag bones to ecto. And thanks to my trusty pack yak I have that in bank. Ding! 84 prayer. Nice :-)


OK. What's next on the list. I know. Those pesky Shattered heart rocks. Off we go. A quick peek at the skill comparison calc told me I was reaaaaally close to quite a few lvls. So I managed to polish off 90fm, 91 smithing, 82 RS (*shudders*) and 81 hunter (*shudders some more*). Whew, not bad. Anything else fun I can do? Of course. Visit Juna! Haven't been to see the old snake in absolute ages. Not good. Pass up free xp like that :wall: . Anywhoo. I've obviously racked up some more QP since last vist. 172 tears :eek: No idea about you guys, but I think it's a personal best for me. Ding! Ding! Ding!!! Dungeoneering soared from 31-36 \:D/ Then it was absolutely time to call it a night.


Next day. Hmmm, perhaps I should drag myself through another quest. OK, I went for Summers end. First the endless bank shuffle, tele to Clan wars, and north I go. Enter spirit world. Oh, there he is the hungry bugger. *Summon geyser titan* Walk sloooowly towards the cave. *Chomp*. Grrrr!!! Next geyser summoned. Edging ever closer. I can smell the entrance (ok, I can't. Bear with me here). *Chomp!* ARGH!!! 3rd geyser titan summoned and we're in the cave. Wooohoooo!!!!. OK, talk to elders, blah blah blah. Tele to bank for supplies. In we go. Chop, chop, RUUUN, chop, build pyre, run, eat. Lather, rince and repeat. Yes! I got all 3 pyres lit! Back to bank (thank you living caverns for all your rocktails!) Next room. Run, run, run. Dig! Repeat ad nauseam. Yes!! I diddit. OK, guide says "if you have 20 pieces of food left you can continue to next room". Hey, by some miracle I have that. Toddle off to last room. Again, what's with the running here people. I wish you could lvl agility by running like this in quests. Finally. Last grave blessed. The sucker goes DOWN! I did it B) I'm embarrassed to admit but I actually did a little victory dance in the livingroom. The bf just looked at me, silently shaking his head. Hmm, what now? Well, I'm still about 16K from 96 ranged. Toddle off to circus. Ding! And lastly I finished up my last 30K or so xp for 83cons. And to polish the whole weekend off, on monday (bank holiday here in Norway. Something happened about 2000 years ago, not sure what, but I get a day off for it.) I actually did While Guthix Sleeps. Or, more precise I did everything up to the last fight. Might do those tonight. Or tomorrow. Or some completely other day. I admit it. I'm a chicken. A big one. I have even been known to do the chicken dance on occation. Whenever I do manage to finish it I'll atleast manage to get to 85 prayer. <3:

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That's awesome, well done!


Have had a fairly productive weekend myself actually gaining a similar amount of levels across various skills.


Keep up the good work on those quests, I'm sure you'll have no problems at all with the rest of WGS. I'm sure that'll be a few more levels for you too :D

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Guest TrixStar


Congrats on the level filled weekend. Funny how that gets in the way of RL :mrgreen:

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