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Weather is weird sometimes O_O

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So here I am, playing RS, and I start hearing a rythmic beat and splashing outside my window. I ran through the list of possible causes in my head:

- Parade in my backyard? no.

- Random wresetling match in one of those plastic pool-thingys? no.

- Rainy (aka Den) attempting to get 99 Dungeoneering? no. (sorry, couldn't resist :-P )


Acutally, it was hail. Now, this may sound fine at first glance, but let me add the other factors while it was hailing: it was high hudmity, 78 F, raining, and partially sunny... all at the same time. O_O

Confuses me a little bit tbh :P


Denver got a foot of nothing but hail the size of golfballs... go to http://www.weather.com , should be something there.


Also, I took a few pictures... Hope they don't break rules 'cause they are from real life, but oh well...



(remember this is 90% hail, and 10% rain)






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Weather can be weird. It's the end of May in California, and it's still raining!

Have you ever seen when it's pretty much sunny, but still a little rainy?

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