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Well folks lately Lady S has given her faithful pickaxe a rest and done something highly unlike her...she engaged in bloody combat for the Triumvirate wars :shock:. This massive community event has become incredibly enthralling. I have really enjoyed the indepth Roleplaying that has spawned from it. Though I'm a little disappointed with the lack of skilling challenges, I have actually found the Realm vs. Realm (a world wide massive PVP event) and the Castle Wars challenges to be...FUN. I was requested twice to serve as a commander or second commander for these events and have managed to be on the winning side both those times :eek: . I did serve on a team that lost, but it was a commendable tie. Still though, how does a little combat noob, who'd rather solve her problems by whacking it with a pickaxe than lead a squadron, manage to prevail?! Someone please explain to me.


We've had some epic matchups so far and the Judges (my team) ended up taking home the gold for the Realm vs. Realm challenge. Castle Wars has been more of a rough going but I'm proud to say as the assumed "combat underdogs" the Judges have taken two victories. Anyways didn't mean to bore you non-Triumvirate folks with this entry its just lately this has been whats engaging the little play time I've been scrounging up as of late. Oh and before I go...I found doing the following in CW to be incredibly amusing :twisted: :


Looks like hitting things with a pickaxe is quite a viable option!




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Nice Shadie. Hey are you interested in Smithing event? I'll be holding one with great rewards, and i really mean great rewards.


The game will start after i get the tiny exp left to 99 Smithing. You can even help out with the event if you like, but then you can't play the game, but only be part of it. Let me know. :)


The game which i have planned out is called "Master Smither's Assignments".

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I Will be heading back into the fray with the judges as soon as I take care of some problems with the clan I'm in. Go judges.

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