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An Introduction to the Tiara Girl!



Lady Shahdie here, pleasure to make your acquaintance! Some who have glimpsed my signature know I was one of the crazed hopefuls dreaming of 99 mining. Well I did manage to dream my impossible dream and achieved my epic goal! The dream doesn't end here though... I have decided for my next test of fate to wield my hammer and forge a path to the glory of 99 smithing! Below you will find a little about myself, details about my RuneScape character, and pictures of my levels along the way.


[hide=Shahdie in Real Life]toriseagaincondensed.png


I am a 20 year old college student. I am currently attending a Cal State college and majoring in English. I have future plans however to go to Cinema school and get an education in the art of film making. I always had a passion to tell stories and I love the way film can bring a story to life. I was born in America but do possess Persian blood in me and my RuneScape name "Shahdie" means happiness (so you can also refer to me as Lady Happiness :D). I am a total cat person and owner of a mischievous Maincoon but recently adopted a dog into my family. I am a rare breed of girl who enjoys playing video games, computer games, and any other enticing virtual adventure. I am particularly fond of RPGs (probably due to my story telling background). I also love graphic design and try some amateurish attempts in Photoshop (like designing my own sigs and headers).[/hide]


[hide=Shahdie on RuneScape]The following is a run through of my character on RuneScape.




Where'd You Hear About RuneScape?

A friend of mine at school mentioned it once. I became intrigued by his description of it, so I started researching it and decided to sign up.


F2p or P2p?

I spent a long stint during my RuneScape career as a pure F2P player. While I said in my previous blogs that it was my desire to obtain membership when I personally possessed the meansmy first exposure to it was thanks to a very special gift from a very special friend (Kietaro <3). I now possess members again thanks to securing a reasonable income as a teachers assistant at my university. Members is quite an exciting new experience but at the end of the day, good old F2P will possess the most dearest place in my heart.


Favorite World?

Randomness is my mantra. I have no favorite world or home world.


Why the Air Tiara?

I've been getting this one alot lately so here's the story. Ever since I was a noob on RuneScape I always wanted a piece of clothing that would define my look (apart from the terrible looking bronze armor). I would scavenge for chef hats or shop at the Varrock clothing store and wear the items short periods of time before dumping them. One day as I passed the Falador air altar I saw a silver object on the ground that attracted me (similar to the way a child is attracted to "Oooo shiny!") I picked up the tiara and immediately fell in love with it. Even when I matured from noobdom and reached levels where I could wear more appropriate runite gear, I could not bear to give up the tiara and allowed it to be the signature item that would define my look. I certainly love how it goes quite well with my Saradomin now.


Other Stats?

Though I am truly committed to smithing at the moment, I occasionally take a break from my hammer and casually level other stats...(please don't poke too much fun at their noobiness :oops:)


June 29, 2007 (Beginning of Blog)



Current Stats




Why 99 Smithing?

There were several 99s that peaked my interest during my journey to 99 mining. Despite my old adage that "I'm not really a fighter," combat was a great way for me to take a break whenever I needed to and I'm quite sold on going for 99 def some day. However, I'm still a skiller at heart so I still decided against a combat 99. There were also the other gathering skills such as fishing (catch fishies at a faster rate, yes please) and woodcutting (not as a big a fan of wc however it still has its merits) that are impossible to be purchased. However, at the end of the day, I'm truly a Mason (no pun intended one of the clans I happen to be a member of) of Runescape. And what is a Mason without the ability to wrought amazing pieces out of precious metals? So after answering this question in my mindI knew smithing would have to be the next 99 to chase![/hide]


[hide=YouTube Videos]Recent Video:


Other videos:

You can watch more of my RuneScape machinima productions on my YouTube Channel.[/hide]


Other Links/Progress Bars:


My Old Mining Blog





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