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Wam Bam, Levels Man!

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Hello dear blog readers and welcome to my new Tip.It blog, hosted on none other than - THE BLOGS TAB! It was hard to say goodbye to the Blogscape of old but one must eventually embrace change - especially good change! I have done a sort of slightly updated version of the first post on my old blog as the first entry of this new blog. I've changed my real life picture to a more current one (notice I'm still sporting my favorite necklace however :thumbsup:).


Forum Changeover:

Before I get into how I've been smooth sailing - I mean err smithing- I'll give you little scoops of experiences I had during forum transition. Staff was going stir crazy as we waited for the changeover to near completion. Out of this craziness I ended up giving pet names, namely to a bud of mine from TET, Den Usynlige. What was this name you may ask? Well it was...DENZY WENZY! Poor Den took it very well and the staff has persistently been calling him this name all week :lol:! No good deed goes unpunished however, and I was branded with this custom rank till changeover day:





So that about wraps it up for forum transition fun, now onto smithing updates! During the changeover I jumped 3 levels in one shot (I'M A RUNE SMITHER NOW BABY!) This as you may recall was thanks to some hardcore Living Rock Cavern mining. I have already amassed 13k gold bars out of gold ores smelted from scratch. Sadly I sold the entire stock for some safety cash but rest assured I will save up the entire amount of gold bars I smelt from this point on to see my achievement in notified form! My mining rank as well jumped considerably to the less than 1k mark and I'm headed for 15 million xp quite soon! This has been truly a unique way to level so far and I don't think I'll tire of it anytime soon. So thanks Jagex very much for this highly useful update!!!

[hide=Level 83 screenshot]83smithinglsrs192208.png[/hide]

[hide=Level 84 screenshot]84smithinglsrs192506.png[/hide]

[hide=Level 85 screenshot]85smithinglsrs113349.png[/hide]



In other news, I did some YouTube tomfoolery recently and released one of my first non-RSMV machinimas! Don't get me wrong, I truly love making RSMVs as they bring the music to life in such an awesome way, but I wanted just something a little different from the usual for once. Here's the embed of the vid below, hope you enjoy!




I liek teh Tip.It blog tab, Iz an 85 smither nao, Iz getting crazee meining ex pees!

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Congratultions on 85 smithing!

And.. Your vid was funny to watch.

"OMG, You wear a tiara!?"



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