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  1. I think he was a guard for Solitude.
  2. I know it's been forever since I've posted anything here, so here's a bit of a re-introduction: Hi, I'm Echocut. I believe I started this account in 2004, but I did start earlier (2001?) with a different account. I gave that account away because one of my old school friends wanted to play, but didn't want to start from scratch- and I got bored of that account, so I gave that one to him. Besides, this name fit a bit better with me. Anyway, 'Scaping is more of a past-time for me because I currently work full time at a factory. I know it isn't what I really want to do, but I've had some difficulty with life these past few years. Money makes the world go round and all that jazz... What I do like to do is draw and play videogames. I dunno if my old drawings are still here, but take a glance at them and see what you think. For my art, I post on a different website: DeviantArt. This is my account here, compare it to the ones here and see if I have improved any! >> http://sirechols.deviantart.com/ There are some that are Mature rated, so you might miss out on a few pieces. I do mostly pencil work, but I have some digital scribbles too. _____ Videogames? I run both the Sony family (PS2, 3, and 4) and Nintendo (GameBoy SP, DS, DSXL, and Wii). Xbox isn't a favorite for me, but I don't think it's a bad platform at all. I mostly play RPGs. Sports and games like COD or Battlefield don't really interest me. JRPGs are my favorite. Since my internet at home sucks, Multiplayer games are difficult to play. Destiny was a good game for a while, but connection issues were horrible. Elder Scrolls Online was a joke to play because I'd lag out too much. RIP money. :< Recently I bought Tales of Zestria and DOOM. I've played the Symphonia Chronicles on the PS3, so I wanted to have a JRPG for my PS4. I really like it so far, the combat was a bit different from what I'm used to, but once I got over that, it's fun. DOOM? What can I say? Blowing demons with big effing guns is exactly what DOOM was for me back then. I love that they had the old maps as unlocks, nostalgia abound. _____ Another thing about me? Uh, I love to read mangas and watch anime. FMA, Inyuasha, and Bleach were my firsts to fully get into the anime world. Of course Pokemon, Digimon, and Dragonball were the ones to start me out, but the others 'sealed the deal'. I would go into more detail, but let's put that for another entry... or something. _____ Since of my return to RuneScape, I wanted to share my thoughts on stuff that has been released: NXT: Cool beans, something to download! I'll download it when the Client is no longer available. New Skill- Invention: Now, I went on my break from RS when this came out- taking my Max cape away. (I only had it a few days too. :<) Now that I'm back, I'm taking Invention slow. I remember people getting 99/120 a few days after release, which is ridiculous, so I just want to enjoy seeing the levels pop up casually. Raids (+ GWD2): It's about time, honestly. It needed some end-game stuff for players (and people like me) to keep playing. Now I have something to work towards at least other than getting my Max cape back. _____ I guess that's all I need to say for this entry. It is odd writing this, but I think I'll get some benefit from it in the long run.
  3. [spoiler=Quyneax's Post] I also favor a reshuffle. But, if we do a system based on activity, how will we measure that? Through events? How many times said player has logged in to CC? (although, you will automatically join if you have not left it) Through Citadel management? (I think you could view progress of a certain player of how much they gathered). That is all I have at the moment, but I am sure someone will have something much more fleshed out than I do. -*Edit*- I am all for staying a 'Private' clan, but with the numbers we have at the moment... Should we change to more of a public?
  4. It has been almost a month since my last entry. Shame on me for being lazy. A bit of warning as this will be a big entry. So, what have I been doing these past weeks? Well... RuneScape Updates: A whole bunch of levels, and a few goals completed! Construction: 88/90 SC Hammers + Bonus XP Necklaces + Building Suit = Tolerable Skill. Hunter: 90/90 -Goal Reached!- Fishing - 93 Herblore - 92 2400 Total level achieved! Also: IT'S LEGIT! It now sits in my bank re-colored, preventing me from selling it. I thought about Keepsakeing it, but I still like my sunglasses. ____ Ports Update: My Port, as of March 10, 2013. Pincers Reached! All that is left is to collect trade goods and the blueprints for the armor sets. I still need Seasinger and Lotus plans, but I am in no hurry to get those. I am not into the scrimshaws, so I'll focus on Soup. 3x 10k Chime Captains, but this one is definitely my favorite: Captain Morgan! I wonder why... :> He does have another trait: Seafarer. ____ THE WORLD WAKES! *Warning: May Contain Spoilers* Although you will read on regardless... The massive amounts of lore made the quest worthy of the "Grandmaster" title. Combat in it was simple enough, but Kree's 1HKO and [NAME]'s healing sure did surprise me. I was glad that the puzzle was not like any of those puzzles in the EW (Elemental Workshop) Series, especially since Jagex said that it would be a starting quest-line. I was a bit disappointed that my choices did not alter the ending, although there were some dissent amongst some followers. Having said that, I am looking forward to the quest line and how all it unfolds. Is there a secret agenda, or will there be something more? ____ Real-Life Updates: Cyborg Ninjas and Markers Aside from RS, I rented two PS3 games to see if they were worth paying 60 US dollars for them. Both of them were quite fun, but each had their drawbacks. Cyborg Ninjas- Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance I like the Metal Gear series, although the only games I have played from it are MGS3 and MGS4. I have yet to complete MGS4, but I'll get around to it sooner or later. -Story & Graphics- Revengeance sets a few years after MGS4 and follows Raiden in his quest to stop a PMC (Private Military Company) that takes children of third-world countries and transplanting their brains into cyborg bodies to train them into soldiers. Raiden, being a cyborg soldier himself, connected with the children on a personal level. He was trained to kill when he was very young, and he did not want what happened to him happen to anybody else. With his High-Frequency Katana in hand, he sets out by himself to kill those who ran the operation. Vengeance. The thing that saddens me is that this story is short. Seriously short. I clocked my time in about 6 hours. I have researched someone going in at 4 hours. This span is much shorter than another game I played with a short time- God of War (roughly 13 hours). The Graphics in this game are kinda bland in color. Very detailed characters, boring-ish settings. The cut scenes were superb though, as if they spent more time on the story than the actual game itself. (It kinda shows too :/) -Gameplay- Because I had to return the game earlier, I did not get to finish it. However, I did get to the final boss, so I guess you can say I have beaten it? Anyways- Gameplay is quite fun! I loved that you could slice up your opponent into bits. The fast-paced action and the blood-pumping music really meshed nicely. It was a nice change of pace from the usual sneaking mission in the other games. You could, potentially, sneak by them... but I keep failing and end up fighting the enemies anyways. The layout is a bit odd, since you do not have a guard button such as L1 or R1, but a combination of Left Analog stick and Square. This made it a bit difficult at first trying to get the timing down, but this setup made the mechanic somewhat broken. Square is a light attack, Triangle is a heavy attack. Combos are there, sure, but the guard and light attack setup is the only thing you would need to breeze through fights. (Bosses are different, to me at least). Smash Square and flick left analog to auto-block attacks and set up finishers in seconds. I love it still though, despite the "broken" setup. -Overall- MGR is a nice take on the MGS series, with tons of action and beautiful (yet difficult) bossfights, I would be playing this more if I had the time to play it again. Is it worth the sticker price? No, not really. If it makes it to the 20 bin, I'll pick it up to have some Ninja Fruit fun. :D Watermelons are my favorite. Markers: Dead Space 3 This game took me out of my comfort zone a bit since it has some horror elements in it. I am not a fan of zombie killing games, such as Resident Evil, so I expected something similar to it. To my surprise, there was not much that shook me. -Story & Gameplay-
  5. Fitting title for this week's entry, with Valentine's Day and all. I started with a sore throat back on Tuesday, and it got worse as the week progressed. Thankfully this cold didn't turn into the flu that a lot of other co-workers had and was able to work all this time. Bills cannot pay for themselves, you know. Okay, last entry I talked about the new line that was being assembled. Guess what happened. I had to help run the line while the mechanics try to figure out how to fix it. I work First shifts, which is 6 a.m. til around 4 p.m. This means that we get to do all the troubleshooting. The first few days we did not run much because we kept blowing fuses in machines. It was not until Friday that they figured out they had the wrong parts in it. Oops! I survived work and trying to get over this cold, so I am doing well. Valentine's Day, however, is a whole different thing. Foreveralone.jpg ___ Levels of the Week: 85 Construction - Thanks Juna, every little bit helps! 88 Hunter - 'Wer Peng????' Ports Update: Ship #4: The Broken Moon! 'Bout time too. Since I have all ships unlocked, Ship upgrades (jade), and some good Bowl crew, what should I go for next? Maybe I'll do those Hotspots with the cherry tree and jade statues. A telescope will probably work for pincers since a lot of people say to do scrolls in pincers. We will see how it goes. Other Stuff: Welcome back to Slayer! Too bad the rune saving is moot on Normal Spells. I might try it with Ancients, but I normally make my own due to Wicked hood. The true reason I have gone slaying is Valentine hearts. They drop more via monsters than through skilling. The Christmas presents were not bad, but this is taking it a bit far. 3k hearts for the two emotes? I hope I'll get enough for one, and probably getting the hate version since this SOF method of events is stupid. Why JAGEX... why!? Why Mr. Anderson? Why, Why, Why do you persist!?
  6. 99, 100! ____ As you can tell, I did not post anything in the last few weeks. My job at the Meat Packing plant is more demanding since they have put in a new product line. The product is called "LunchMaker". LunchMaker is basically meat, cheese, crackers, and a wrapped candy sealed in a small package. You have probably seen similar things in meat sections of supermarkets. I guess children love these since they are simple and the parents also like them because they are cheap. I do not have the exact numbers of how many it is supposed to produce, but the other two similar LunchMaker lines churn out roughly 42k packages a day... each. This new one is supposed to make even more, since it runs continuously instead of a cycle like the other two. I feel really bad for those who are being hired to run it. [*] [*]: I help slice up the big sandwich meats, loading 20-45 lb logs into industrial slicers. "Oscar Myer" might ring a bell to some, although our factory does not make that brand. Another reason is Skyrim. Yes, Skyrim. I decided to finish Skyrim's main questline after finishing ACIII. I would have finished it in less than four hours, but I kept doing more and more sidequests instead. By the time I was done, I was level 67, maxed in Destruction magic and 1h weaponry. I gotta say, those dragur bowmen have stupidly high accuracy. It was a good thing they did not have daedric arrows... if you get what I am saying. Anyway, on to RuneScape! Levels of the Week: 84 Construction- Thank you Juna! RuneScape Screenshots: Screenshots of the past few weeks, some you may have seen on here before somewhere else. ^ A week or two after I got my Bowl (of cereal). Jade Flakes! Now part of a complete breakfast! ^ First Demon Hoard event I went to. I learned quite fast to not pray during the boss fight. It was a good thing that I brought that much food with me. O_o ___ Art of the Week: This is more of a RS art project. I am lazy in getting the others done, but I thought this would be a fun little project to work on. Since it is February... I will put a bit more detail into it since I put that 'color pallet' in. It is a cute concept. :> ____ Well, that wraps it up for this entry. Hopefully I'll have more things to post for this week. ~Echo
  7. Posted my Artwork! Go check it out in the Gallery!

  8. Bump the Dump- [spoiler=Swimsuits in Winter! (mild adult content)] Here's an explanation. I love to daydream at work. It helps me unwind from the stress and makes time fly by. These two are products of a daydream I had, but the characters themselves dated back way before then. I believe I was in Junior High when I made these two- Reina (top) and Sora (bottom). I gave them personalities- Reina being the modest one, and Sora... well I think you get the idea. I made Sora right after I got home, the daydream fresh in my mind. Reina was a bit of a problem though, trying to re-create that daydream days later. The body sits awkward and it does not fit on the page. Her expression I tried to get is 'What are you looking at!?' but the body language says something else. Anyway, hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did drawing 'em. *EDIT* Okay, why is this thread in the RS Media and not the Gallery?... I'll get some RS themed arwork started soon then.
  9. Levels of the Week: 94 Woodcutting. - Skoll Boots + Citadel Woodcutting plot = Yum XP. 14/50 SC Hammers for 90 Construction. Working on saving Hunter pots for Draconic Jadinkos. Recently, the time that I log in RS is at Ports. I just haven't given the rest of RS a lot of attention, especially if I want to max by the end of next year. However, I am excited for the Desert diaries, especially after watching the Behind the Scenes video they made. It is kind of funny that the video says they go through an ongoing process of testing the game and fixing bugs, yet we as players find more bugs than the team does. I know that they work hard to make the content, but it seems that most content is rushed and not ready for public abuse. (See Construction Glitch/Bug for further details.) PORTS Update: Tetsu Plate Scroll Acquired! Now I am working on the helmet - 2/4 (with one on the way! *fingers crossed*) I did get a few plates from some regular and whaler voyages. Sadly enough, I need a few more to even get enough for helm, let alone the whole set. I read around and it seems that the end storyline quests offer you some trade goods as a reward. I failed a 2 Ancient Bone voyage at 80%. I was kinda bummed because it took seven hours to do it. Such a waste of time. Oh well. :P _________________________________________________ SKETCH ENTRY Update: With all due respect, I think I will not post my works on this blog, but rather in my Gallery Thread. http://forum.tip.it/topic/265107-sketch-dumps-and-more/ Comments/Critiques appreciated! ~Echocut *EDIT!* I thought my Sketch Dump thread was in The Gallery part of the Forum, but it is actually in the RS Media. Should I ask for a move or do some RS Art for next time? :?
  10. Well, someone stole my SD card that I planned to use for my art...

  11. I love Borderlands and Borderlands 2! Claptrap was the best character in the series imo. (Aside from Moxxie *wink*)
  12. Amen to that! I'm sure we are not the only ones who have that problem. :P
  13. So, is my Java acting up again? Every time I load RS, I get a gray screen that says my plugin has security vulnerabilities and that I need to click to activate 'Java Platform SE 6 U plugin. Does that mean that my Java needs updating or I have two versions competing against eachother? Anyone know? :S

  14. This week has been a slow week since I borrowed Assassin's Creed III from our local movie place. I have played the first AC, but I never got into it. This one was a bit easier, I think, because of the local historical references. I know it is a work of fiction, but it kind of helps refresh those History lessons from high school. I still have not beaten it yet, so don't start PMs about what I thought of the ending! I don't want to know how the world ends!... [spoiler=I wonder if his kite flew a bit too high... (AC III Spoiler)]If you have played AC III and spoke to Ben Franklin in the Boston General Store as Haytham, you will get what I am talking about. I only found him just this once, unless he moved when you start playing as the son, Connor. Anyway, Ben makes interesting points as to why older women are better for dating/marriage than younger women. I'm sure some women in our age would disagree with his explanations. The awkward thing is that I stumbled upon it while my mother was watching me play. She loves reading about American history, so I thought it would not hurt for her to watch. I know it is a M-rated game, but what were they thinking when they put that in. I know Ben is a normal man like any other, but I never expected this. Anyway, back to RS- Levels of the Week: 83 Construction 87 Hunter 97 Farming Ports Update: Ports are still fun. I'm still stuck 25% into Scythe, mostly due to backtracking and upgrading Port buildings. I still have yet to get a *good* 10k Captain, as all of mine have been the 2.5k ones and lower. Hopefully I'll get one within the next week, one with good stats this time! I finally got my first Scroll part yesterday, and I received another today. Half-way until plans for Tetsu Plate! Bandos TMHT Event: I decided to join in on the fun at Bandos with the TMHT. I still call them TET, but I guess that has been disbanded because most of the people that come are for the boss masses. We did manage a few good drops too! Godsword Shard 3, a pair of Bandos Boots, and a Bandos Warshield! At the beginning of the trip, we had around 20-25 players show up. Of course, people wanted to get some nice drops so some decide to branch off and hop to a different world. After a while, the group comes back to our world because they failed to crash another world. Alright, fair enough. However, guess what group showed up a bit later after they returned? ... I left a while later because I wanted to do some other things before reset. Thanks Komodo_Jo for hosting the event! Maybe I will attend more events in the future. [spoiler=Screenshots of the drops!] I remember Masses used to be bigger than this. I guess Bandos' following dwindled a bit. ______________________________________________ Real-Life Stuff: Last entry I mentioned that I would start posting some real life stuff. Here's an update on the situation. I do plan on uploading pictures of my sketches (Sketch Dumps) and finished works on here, but I do not have the funds right now to go and get myself a scanner of my own. I will try to borrow my sister's camera, but you might understand how asking a teenager can result in some... heated arguments. I have most of my work on my phone, but I have never tried it this way. Besides, I have seen some phone uploads through Facebook *shudders* and they look awful. I do not want my uploads to reflect my work, if you know what I mean. The next entry should have a ton of pictures uploaded. I'll try my best to get them ready by then! _____________________________________________ Ending Note: I wonder how Haytham can be a Templar, but when you first play him in AC III, he acts like the Assassin... I have not followed all three games, but does that mean the Assassins were once Templars with a different view? That kind of makes some sense in this situation, but I'll have to finish it first before I figure this out. ~Echocut
  15. Even if this isn't the case, I'm still pretty sure that puberty is going to hit this game hard. Which part, the mood swings or when they want to borrow your vehicle for 'joyrides' around town. :? Anyways, Happy Birthday RS.
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