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Week VI - Love Sick

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Fitting title for this week's entry, with Valentine's Day and all.


I started with a sore throat back on Tuesday, and it got worse as the week progressed. Thankfully this cold didn't turn into the flu that a lot of other co-workers had and was able to work all this time. Bills cannot pay for themselves, you know.


Okay, last entry I talked about the new line that was being assembled. Guess what happened. I had to help run the line while the mechanics try to figure out how to fix it.

I work First shifts, which is 6 a.m. til around 4 p.m. This means that we get to do all the troubleshooting. The first few days we did not run much because we kept blowing fuses in machines. It was not until Friday that they figured out they had the wrong parts in it. Oops!


I survived work and trying to get over this cold, so I am doing well.


Valentine's Day, however, is a whole different thing. Foreveralone.jpg




Levels of the Week:

85 Construction - Thanks Juna, every little bit helps!

88 Hunter - 'Wer Peng????'


Ports Update:


Ship #4: The Broken Moon! 'Bout time too.


Since I have all ships unlocked, Ship upgrades (jade), and some good Bowl crew, what should I go for next? Maybe I'll do those Hotspots with the cherry tree and jade statues. A telescope will probably work for pincers since a lot of people say to do scrolls in pincers. We will see how it goes.


Other Stuff:


Welcome back to Slayer! Too bad the rune saving is moot on Normal Spells. I might try it with Ancients, but I normally make my own due to Wicked hood.

The true reason I have gone slaying is Valentine hearts. They drop more via monsters than through skilling. The Christmas presents were not bad, but this is taking it a bit far. 3k hearts for the two emotes? I hope I'll get enough for one, and probably getting the hate version since this SOF method of events is stupid.


Why JAGEX... why!?


Why Mr. Anderson? Why, Why, Why do you persist!?

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