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Week VII, VIII, IX, X, XI- Cyborg Ninjas and Markers

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It has been almost a month since my last entry. Shame on me for being lazy.

A bit of warning as this will be a big entry.


So, what have I been doing these past weeks? Well...


RuneScape Updates:

A whole bunch of levels, and a few goals completed!


Construction: 88/90 SC Hammers + Bonus XP Necklaces + Building Suit = Tolerable Skill.

Hunter: 90/90 -Goal Reached!-

Fishing - 93

Herblore - 92


2400 Total level achieved!





IT'S LEGIT! It now sits in my bank re-colored, preventing me from selling it. I thought about Keepsakeing it, but I still like my sunglasses.



Ports Update:



My Port, as of March 10, 2013.



Pincers Reached! All that is left is to collect trade goods and the blueprints for the armor sets.


I still need Seasinger and Lotus plans, but I am in no hurry to get those. I am not into the scrimshaws, so I'll focus on Soup.


3x 10k Chime Captains, but this one is definitely my favorite: Captain Morgan! I wonder why... :>


He does have another trait: Seafarer.





*Warning: May Contain Spoilers* Although you will read on regardless...


The massive amounts of lore made the quest worthy of the "Grandmaster" title. Combat in it was simple enough, but Kree's 1HKO and [NAME]'s healing sure did surprise me.

I was glad that the puzzle was not like any of those puzzles in the EW (Elemental Workshop) Series, especially since Jagex said that it would be a starting quest-line.

I was a bit disappointed that my choices did not alter the ending, although there were some dissent amongst some followers.


Having said that, I am looking forward to the quest line and how all it unfolds. Is there a secret agenda, or will there be something more?




Real-Life Updates: Cyborg Ninjas and Markers


Aside from RS, I rented two PS3 games to see if they were worth paying 60 US dollars for them. Both of them were quite fun, but each had their drawbacks.


Cyborg Ninjas- Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

I like the Metal Gear series, although the only games I have played from it are MGS3 and MGS4. I have yet to complete MGS4, but I'll get around to it sooner or later.



-Story & Graphics-

Revengeance sets a few years after MGS4 and follows Raiden in his quest to stop a PMC (Private Military Company) that takes children of third-world countries and transplanting their brains into cyborg bodies to train them into soldiers. Raiden, being a cyborg soldier himself, connected with the children on a personal level. He was trained to kill when he was very young, and he did not want what happened to him happen to anybody else. With his High-Frequency Katana in hand, he sets out by himself to kill those who ran the operation. Vengeance.


The thing that saddens me is that this story is short. Seriously short. I clocked my time in about 6 hours. I have researched someone going in at 4 hours. This span is much shorter than another game I played with a short time- God of War (roughly 13 hours).


The Graphics in this game are kinda bland in color. Very detailed characters, boring-ish settings. The cut scenes were superb though, as if they spent more time on the story than the actual game itself. (It kinda shows too :/)



Because I had to return the game earlier, I did not get to finish it. However, I did get to the final boss, so I guess you can say I have beaten it? Anyways-

Gameplay is quite fun! I loved that you could slice up your opponent into bits. The fast-paced action and the blood-pumping music really meshed nicely. It was a nice change of pace from the usual sneaking mission in the other games. You could, potentially, sneak by them... but I keep failing and end up fighting the enemies anyways.

The layout is a bit odd, since you do not have a guard button such as L1 or R1, but a combination of Left Analog stick and Square. This made it a bit difficult at first trying to get the timing down, but this setup made the mechanic somewhat broken. Square is a light attack, Triangle is a heavy attack. Combos are there, sure, but the guard and light attack setup is the only thing you would need to breeze through fights. (Bosses are different, to me at least). Smash Square and flick left analog to auto-block attacks and set up finishers in seconds.


I love it still though, despite the "broken" setup.



MGR is a nice take on the MGS series, with tons of action and beautiful (yet difficult) bossfights, I would be playing this more if I had the time to play it again. Is it worth the sticker price? No, not really. If it makes it to the 20 bin, I'll pick it up to have some Ninja Fruit fun. :D Watermelons are my favorite.


Markers: Dead Space 3

This game took me out of my comfort zone a bit since it has some horror elements in it. I am not a fan of zombie killing games, such as Resident Evil, so I expected something similar to it. To my surprise, there was not much that shook me.


-Story & Gameplay-

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