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DOOM-ed From the Start?



I know it's been forever since I've posted anything here, so here's a bit of a re-introduction:


Hi, I'm Echocut. I believe I started this account in 2004, but I did start earlier (2001?) with a different account. I gave that account away because one of my old school friends wanted to play, but didn't want to start from scratch- and I got bored of that account, so I gave that one to him. Besides, this name fit a bit better with me.


Anyway, 'Scaping is more of a past-time for me because I currently work full time at a factory. I know it isn't what I really want to do, but I've had some difficulty with life these past few years. Money makes the world go round and all that jazz...


What I do like to do is draw and play videogames. I dunno if my old drawings are still here, but take a glance at them and see what you think.


For my art, I post on a different website: DeviantArt. This is my account here, compare it to the ones here and see if I have improved any! >> http://sirechols.deviantart.com/

There are some that are Mature rated, so you might miss out on a few pieces. I do mostly pencil work, but I have some digital scribbles too.



Videogames? I run both the Sony family (PS2, 3, and 4) and Nintendo (GameBoy SP, DS, DSXL, and Wii). Xbox isn't a favorite for me, but I don't think it's a bad platform at all.


I mostly play RPGs. Sports and games like COD or Battlefield don't really interest me. JRPGs are my favorite.

Since my internet at home sucks, Multiplayer games are difficult to play. Destiny was a good game for a while, but connection issues were horrible. Elder Scrolls Online was a joke to play because I'd lag out too much. RIP money. :<


Recently I bought Tales of Zestria and DOOM.

I've played the Symphonia Chronicles on the PS3, so I wanted to have a JRPG for my PS4. I really like it so far, the combat was a bit different from what I'm used to, but once I got over that, it's fun.

DOOM? What can I say? Blowing demons with big effing guns is exactly what DOOM was for me back then. I love that they had the old maps as unlocks, nostalgia abound.



Another thing about me? Uh, I love to read mangas and watch anime. FMA, Inyuasha, and Bleach were my firsts to fully get into the anime world. Of course Pokemon, Digimon, and Dragonball were the ones to start me out, but the others 'sealed the deal'. I would go into more detail, but let's put that for another entry... or something.




Since of my return to RuneScape, I wanted to share my thoughts on stuff that has been released:


NXT: Cool beans, something to download! I'll download it when the Client is no longer available.

New Skill- Invention: Now, I went on my break from RS when this came out- taking my Max cape away. (I only had it a few days too. :<)

Now that I'm back, I'm taking Invention slow. I remember people getting 99/120 a few days after release, which is ridiculous, so I just want to enjoy seeing the levels pop up casually.

Raids (+ GWD2): It's about time, honestly. It needed some end-game stuff for players (and people like me) to keep playing. Now I have something to work towards at least other than getting my Max cape back.



I guess that's all I need to say for this entry. It is odd writing this, but I think I'll get some benefit from it in the long run.


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