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Week III, IV, and V - 1, 2, Skip a Few...

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99, 100!



As you can tell, I did not post anything in the last few weeks. My job at the Meat Packing plant is more demanding since they have put in a new product line. The product is called "LunchMaker". LunchMaker is basically meat, cheese, crackers, and a wrapped candy sealed in a small package. You have probably seen similar things in meat sections of supermarkets. I guess children love these since they are simple and the parents also like them because they are cheap.

I do not have the exact numbers of how many it is supposed to produce, but the other two similar LunchMaker lines churn out roughly 42k packages a day... each. This new one is supposed to make even more, since it runs continuously instead of a cycle like the other two.

I feel really bad for those who are being hired to run it. [*]


[*]: I help slice up the big sandwich meats, loading 20-45 lb logs into industrial slicers. "Oscar Myer" might ring a bell to some, although our factory does not make that brand.


Another reason is Skyrim. Yes, Skyrim. I decided to finish Skyrim's main questline after finishing ACIII. I would have finished it in less than four hours, but I kept doing more and more sidequests instead. By the time I was done, I was level 67, maxed in Destruction magic and 1h weaponry. I gotta say, those dragur bowmen have stupidly high accuracy. It was a good thing they did not have daedric arrows... if you get what I am saying.


Anyway, on to RuneScape!


Levels of the Week:

84 Construction- Thank you Juna!


RuneScape Screenshots:

Screenshots of the past few weeks, some you may have seen on here before somewhere else.




^ A week or two after I got my Bowl (of cereal). Jade Flakes! Now part of a complete breakfast!


^ First Demon Hoard event I went to. I learned quite fast to not pray during the boss fight. It was a good thing that I brought that much food with me. O_o


Art of the Week:

This is more of a RS art project. I am lazy in getting the others done, but I thought this would be a fun little project to work on. Since it is February...


I will put a bit more detail into it since I put that 'color pallet' in. It is a cute concept. :>




Well, that wraps it up for this entry. Hopefully I'll have more things to post for this week.


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