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Week II - Sketch Dumps Ahoy!

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Levels of the Week:

94 Woodcutting. - Skoll Boots + Citadel Woodcutting plot = Yum XP.

14/50 SC Hammers for 90 Construction.

Working on saving Hunter pots for Draconic Jadinkos.


Recently, the time that I log in RS is at Ports. I just haven't given the rest of RS a lot of attention, especially if I want to max by the end of next year.


However, I am excited for the Desert diaries, especially after watching the Behind the Scenes video they made. It is kind of funny that the video says they go through an ongoing process of testing the game and fixing bugs, yet we as players find more bugs than the team does. I know that they work hard to make the content, but it seems that most content is rushed and not ready for public abuse. (See Construction Glitch/Bug for further details.)


PORTS Update:


Tetsu Plate Scroll Acquired! Now I am working on the helmet - 2/4 (with one on the way! *fingers crossed*)

I did get a few plates from some regular and whaler voyages. Sadly enough, I need a few more to even get enough for helm, let alone the whole set. I read around and it seems that the end storyline quests offer you some trade goods as a reward.


I failed a 2 Ancient Bone voyage at 80%. I was kinda bummed because it took seven hours to do it. Such a waste of time. Oh well. :P






With all due respect, I think I will not post my works on this blog, but rather in my Gallery Thread. http://forum.tip.it/topic/265107-sketch-dumps-and-more/

Comments/Critiques appreciated!





*EDIT!* I thought my Sketch Dump thread was in The Gallery part of the Forum, but it is actually in the RS Media. Should I ask for a move or do some RS Art for next time? :?

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Port port port port port.


Also, those sketches are good. I'm a little jelly. I dabble in sketch but mine aren't as good as yours. Please let me "borrow" your talent.

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