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Ask Evil Dave





Dear Evil Dave,


I need to train my herblore level to 65 so I can complete the "While Guthix Sleeps" quest. What should I do to level up? I am currently level 49 and I have 5m gp in my bank.


--Sleepless in Sophanem





You're in luck! I'm just beginning some new experiments with a DEMONIC TRANSFORMATION POTION OF DOOM! And, as it happens, I'm looking for some EVIL volunteers to help me test it! My last few tries didn't work out quite as well as I'd hoped (they turned the drinkers into HELL-GERBILS!), but the test subjects did mention to me that they'd had enough experience with DEMONIC EXPERIMENTAL HERBLORE that they never wanted to touch it again, so I assume they must have gotten lots of levels!


--Evil Dave



Dear Evil Dave,


Okay, I'm ready to take on Jad, I think. My stats:

80 ranged

82 HP

79 defense

70 prayer

Is this enough? And what setup should I use? Any other tips?


--Fired Up in Falador



Fired Up:


I don't know much about combat, but I think your levels are high enough to BRING UPON THE FIGHT CAVES A RAIN OF HELLFIRE! I recommend that you wear full black d'hide--black is very EVIL in today's fashion. Make sure you bring plenty of DEATH and BLOOD runes so that your enemies will experience DYING AND BLEEDING or at least recognize their EVIL SYMBOLIC REPRESENTATION. You should also carry lots of Unholy Symbols as an EVIL LUCK CHARM. And remember to attack Jad with the most NEFARIOUS weapon of all: THE UNDEAD CHICKEN. Nothing will terrify him more, as everyone knows TzTok-Jad is deathly allergic to chickens!


Bad luck on your mission, Fired Up! I hope to see you in Edgeville soon with a DEADLY fire cape on your back!


--Evil Dave


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