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70 Mining + Bank/Stats Pic

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I guess I'll just do a monthly update, too lazy to actual keep a blog. Maybe when I get members, I'll make one in blogscape; F2P is just so uninteresting.


Anyway, finally got this today:









Yep, it took ~17 hours, 3 death threats, and countless botting accusations from level 60, but it was worth it. Also brought me about 13k


iron oreicon_thumbs.gif. Only got to buy 12k more iron, 'bout 50k coal, and 25k natures and I'll superheat my way to 70 smithing/80 mage. I'm


planning to get Dungeoneering to 70 first, just cause I want a longbow sight. I'll save the extra tokens for scroll of life, bonecrusher,


and maybe Tome of Frost if I have the tokens. After superheating those oress, Range to 80 and Prayer to 60. --> this is going to make


me hate Moss Giants.


Bank and Stat Pics









Oh yea, and I also did this




Forgot to capture quest complete picdry.gif. Pretty decent; better than R&J, but still, no need to delete that quest.


Until next time.

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Recommended Comments

Very nice.

Pretty balanced stats.


What's the ring-thing on tab 5?

It's a donut from the sandwich lady event.

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