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First time seriously pking

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Well, I decided to make another pure, K4ylan Ii. Seriously, I must've made like 30 pures already. And the funny thing is, I barely pk'ed on them. This is the first time I've started seriously pk'ing since '07. I started with 30 atk, 34 str, 29 constitution, ended up with36 strand 30 hp after about an hour out. Only 28 combat, so kinda difficult to get a fight. Not to mention 50 low level mages trying to pj me. Found some good fights, although one guy dm'ed me, then randry.gif. I got 3 kills, only took a picture of two of them, cause the second one had no drop. Died to a level 30 a little later on. I coulda killed him, but forgot to bring a finishing weapon. Next time I won't be as stupid (hopefully). Anyway, here are the drops, I'll post more later. They're nothing special at all....




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That's what I'm doing with mine (Eragon14141). Mines a few levels higher, but we could team up. Add me on either Gandy or Eragon if you want to.

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