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90 Slayer! + Some bad news.



Well, I got 90 Slayer. It's definitely my greatest Runescape achievement in the eight and a half years or whatever that I've been playing. I think I'm going to be doing a little bit of skilling now. Possibly going to raise all of my stats to 70 or higher. The loot from 89 to 90 Slayer totaled to 16.2 million GP. Pretty good, I think.


Anyway, while today was a great day for Runescape, it was NOT a great day for me in the real world. I went to work this evening only to get laid off. I have about a month to find a new job before I lose my apartment. That's not good. On the upside, I feel a little liberated. I was working at an Italian restaurant. It was stressful, and the food was bad.


Other than that, nothing major to talk about. Had a lovely dinner with the girlfriend tonight, and we might go visit some of my family tomorrow night. Anyway, here's the 90 Slayer level-up picture:





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Grats on 90 slayer, good luck with the skilling!

Also, good luck finding a new job. My dad lost his job a bit ago, but he has unemployment.

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