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102 Days and 8 Hours.



I was pretty surprised to see that I've spent so little time playing Runescape despite having had my account since 2001. Well, I guess I wasn't all THAT surprised. I did take very, very long breaks here and there. I haven't had a whole lot of time to play recently. Being unemployed means working extra hard to keep the apartment tidy while my girlfriend is at work. I've been searching high and low for a job. Last night my girlfriend's friend introduced me to the manager of a grocery store that just opened up nearby. I'm crossing my fingers for that one. I'd be making more money than I made at the restaurant, without as much stress.


I absolutely love that my girlfriend loves to cook. I woke up this morning and black forest dry rubbed bacon, apple cinnamon pancakes, orange juice, and later on some cinnamon bread. We also have hamburgers waiting to be grilled by moi, and beef to make beef stew! I'd be fat by now if it weren't for my extraordinarily fast metabolism.


Other thoughts at the moment:

- In a few minutes here I'll be leaving to go exchange a picture frame that we just bought. Came home to discover a giant crack on one side. <_< Crossing my fingers for that one, too.

- I just picked up a biography of George Washington titled His Excellency. So far it's very good. Lately I've taken an interest in learning about the founding fathers of my country.

- School tomorrow night. I can't wait till next term. I feel useless taking just one class. Music theory is ridiculously easy.

- Watched a movie called Gigantic last night. I would say it's definitely one of the better movies I've seen. Very weird, funny, sad, dramatic, etc. Emphasis on et cetera.


Till next time,


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Sounds like things are going smoothly for you so far, and yeah I'll be crossing fingers for (about that job application). Just a quick question. I missed out on the h'ween update, and I've heard that there was an intentional leak about the "adventures log" thing which showed various things about your account... Is it still possible to see something about my account? or do I have to wait until it is released?


- regards Adellund.

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