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  1. I was just wondering Itam... How the hell are you going to DIY Barbarian Assault?
  2. He obviously wants to look cool. Meh 2stacks is dead since the introduction of search button in bank... anyways 1/10, too common cape... common'ness = noobyness = not worth rating high = no dissapointment since like 50k+ ppls has this cape
  3. Or you could just do the quest and never have to worry about Ectotokens again... :thumbsup:
  4. I Find Serum(207)'s to be extremely underestimated, as you can easily net about 80-100k/xp hr with you have the unf pots ready and ashes in bank, alongside with the fact that it's only like 14gp/xp
  5. You forgot that "As A First Resort" also gives pools granting +6(i think?) pray bonus + full pray and 5-10% hp beyond max i think :P
  6. I don't know about you, but I grabbed a few Red Bull's and spamclicked "numpad 5" on my keyboard while chatting on skype / ventrilo... lot's of people attempt to evade ingame chatting due to its primitive and useless functions... you can't even use mIRC'ish commands in the ClanChats... what does that say about Clan Support etc. from Jagex, huh? edit: those Red Bull's and approx. 14hours of straight alching was with my Hati-Gloves...
  7. Adellund

    Slayer Sucks

    Slayer = Fun in Rs.. Fun in rs > All so therefore Slayer > All..... U mad broski?
  8. I think he's too embarrassed to tell that he was awfully wrong... or maybe just plain stubborn. One thing however makes me ponder at things, is that Zaaps would rather have 4 semi-easy Vannaka/Maszcha/Chaeldar and 1 Duradel(Duracell) / Lapalok - Kuradal Task for the POINTS?, 300+ Points for 35.000 Slayer xp? ... wow, I see the logic... because it makes no sense to save the points and get death runes (in terms of Slay dart casts) and approximately the same amount of exp + mad cash by actually DOING said "H A R D" tasks...
  9. Adellund

    Hati Gloves

    Ok, so if it had, say... an earthquake attack, could we then call it Haiti? Umadbro?
  10. You get more profit Runecrafting, now that people Bot P Ess and sell for lowest... Makes my day as I attempt to accumulate 1M natures... peoples make profit Umad bro? If you are, there's probably Family Guy on Fox at 7/6C on the Telly tonite...
  11. thanks for the rating! good luck on 120 dung..o wait! There's a difference between 120 Dung and "120" Agility... At 120 Dungeoneering you actually GET a reward... So GF with your horrendous argument.... but grats still I guess...
  12. I still feel like I don't know what I'm doing and I'm 95+ all melee's and 131 Combat... :o :^_^: :---) :ohnoes: :P I guess I shouldn't cry so much and just work moar on my stats :boohoo: :boohoo: :boohoo:
  13. I'd say: 1) ACTUAL timers, (no "indicators" but actual time... all they need to do it stick a variable of the type "String" with an variable of the type "Double (Integer with decimals) on the end of it, and then we have actual numbers to relate to... 2) EVERYWHERE Multicombat, except Certain areas (Slayer Tower, slayer cave etc...) 3) Spec bar in the top left corner, just below the text, which appears when hovering the mouse over objects with one or several options; you could actually place all information regarding stat boosting / ability enhancing potions there, so we can actually relate our "almost run out - antifire potion" to actual numbers... else you pretty much summed up everything there...
  14. How did you not manage more than 53-65 Mining in 7+ years of on/off gaming? :unsure:
  15. Make membership 10-15$ a month. Problem solved... NO ONE in their right mind would waste 10-15$ and risk a ban if they're to nolife hunter for some claws on their pure, and if so, that's just more funds to Jagex....
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