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  1. Using Dragon Bones, 92 Prayer would cost ~83.16m. So you could probably get 92 Prayer in 30 days. However, 92 Prayer is often noted for not justifying the switch from Prayers to Curses. You'd probably have to merch (or by other means, raise sufficient funds) to get 95 Prayer in the next 30 days. However, it sounds sorta like you're chasing this goal as fast as possible. It also sounds like you don't intend for playing much after, so I'm not really sure what the purpose of getting 95 Prayer is, since you won't be able to use it much. I'd personally recommend just raising money in whatever what you find fun, and if you ever happen to play Runescape again, use said funds to get 95 Prayer.
  2. I know of three clans, one which charges 200m, one which charges 1b (ridiculous much...), and one which charges min 10m + 10m administration fees, which allows you to dice within a certain range (100k-5m). For the last one, you have to donate a certain amount and wait a certain amount of time to get into the highly elite 5m+ dicing range. Basically, if you want a rank, get ready to fork somewhere in the hundreds of millions. I don't recommend you get involved with dicing, because honestly it's a dead market and it's really shady (considering all the blackmarks you might get for nothing). I know the one time I popped in a dicing clan, the clan owner was dicing the hosts. That and personally, I don't trust a lot of clan owners - I understand that they want to repay customers who get scammed, but why would they need 50*1b in costs for ranks?
  3. OMG? Double ammo bind?! Nah probably 125->250, but still good nonetheless.
  4. Did you turn Game to all instead of filter and verify that it was varrock armor affect and not the fact that you can sometimes get 2 ores randomly whenever you mine conc gold? With varrock armor you can mine 3 at once sometimes. I did not, and I am heading back right now to check. I'll edit later with what I get. EDIT: When I went back I first got this message, wearing the previous outfit. I then mined another 100 gold just to make sure and I did not get a single message saying the varrock armour worked. I put on the gold gloves and within 10 ore I got a message saying that the varrock armour worked. Sorry for posting wrong info earlier as I think now the varrock armour effect only works with full golden armour. I'm also going to make the assumption that you do not get the benefit of the plate or the gloves if you wear the varrock armour with goldsmithing gloves as the set effects were not working before. I would check but I have other things I need to do now. Thanks so much KoolKandy. :D Good enough proof for me. Guess I won't be getting the Golden outfit anytime soon (or if I do, I'll sub out the top for the Varrock plate and the gloves for Goldsmithing gaunts).
  5. True that. :thumbup: 'cept I don't have the full Golden mining outfit yet and the answer would possibly affect my decision of whether to get it or not (which takes a hell of a lot longer than ten minutes :wink: ). I just posted in case someone had tested this before.
  6. No I don't think you understood. I'm asking if, assuming I'm wearing all four Golden mining outfit parts except the gloves, it's necessary to wear the gloves to get the Varrock armour effect? I understand I lose a potential 0.5% boost in Mining XP (or whatever amount it may be), but do I still have the ability to mine multiple ores with one swing of my pickaxe?
  7. I read around the place that "If you own the complete Golden mining outfit and any piece of Varrock armour from the Varrock task rewards, you can wear either platebody to receive both the 2.5% Mining XP bonus as well as the extra ore bonus." My question is, am I required to WEAR the full Golden mining outfit to get the Varrock armour bonus, or simply OWN the full Golden mining outfit? I was planning on wearing the whole set minus the gloves (replaced by Goldsmithing Gaunts) for mining at LRC. Please post if you know for sure from first hand experience.
  8. Why? You get a rapier for FREE from training a skill. A whip you either get for free from a drop or buy it. With 85 Attack and 80 Slayer as a requirement the upgraded whip should at least equal the rapier. Because a rapier is degradable. Unless you want to argue that the upgraded Whip will be degradable as well, which would be utterly stupid.
  9. Hm... I'm 99 Magic and I don't value XP past 99 (currently 20m XP, and if I'd ever want to get 200m XP, I think I'd get enough on Ice Strykewyrm tasks and mining & superheating at LRC). [1] Would that change the method which would be most efficient for me? Also I don't plan to get WC Jujus, so I think I'd be alching a lot more - [2] do you know how many natures you use per hour (with or without Jujus - I can estimate from there haha)? [3] Also, how badly would swapping out alching for dropping hurt my XP rate? See I heard that C2 maxes at around 120k XP/hour, but I'm not sure if that was before or after the nerf. Also that 90+, and I've been only able to achieve up to 60k (? Don't recall exactly) XP/hour. [4] Do you know the rate of Cavefish? - I might switch to that at 85 Fishing (83 currently). I'm pretty sure I'm going to switch to Rocktail at 90 purely because it's the fastest afk-method. Yeah I saw that vid. :-) I personally burn Eucalyptus Logs (i.e. fake Yew Logs - slightly cheaper and slightly less XP). I did a rough estimate in my head a while back and I thought the Penance Horn was always worth it, but I guess I'll have to check up on that. I've been using a Penance Horn, and I think filling it has been saving me time, but whether I continue might be dependent on whether the multiplier effects the logs the Pyrefiend burns. (So that's 4 more questions if you have time. Thanks again for the in-depth answer. :-D )
  10. 1. What are the XP rates of the following: (Currently level 84 WC) - Cutting Ivy - Working at the Sawmill - Cutting Teak at Tai Bwo Wannai Village - Cutting Teak & Banking on Ape Atoll (don't know if anyone calculated this, but is it slower than say cutting Willows?) - Splitting Arctic Pines Which is the most efficient overall? 2. What are the XP rates of the following: (Currently level 83 Fishing) - Barbarian Fishing - C2 Fishing - Monkfish - Rocktail 3. Penance horn - worth using for Firemaking? (Currently level 92 FM) I'm most likely to settle for a more afk-method, unless the xp-rate of a high APM activity dominates the afk-method by a significant amount. Also note that my computer is really slow (so is my internet - sigh computers from 2003), so it's unlikely that I'll achieve the max XP rate possible. Thanks in advance! :D
  11. Has Jagex stated the rate at which Loyalty Points gained monthly mulitply? It seems like the formula is +2500 after the first month and +2000 every subsequent month (could be wrong), so it's possible after one year you'll have +23000 in one month, which is pretty damn good... That is assuming RS is still worth playing in 1 year. :unsure:
  12. I'm pretty sure rock cakes aren't stackable. The Dwarven Rock Cake is reusable and serves the purpose that the OP is trying to achieve as a stackable item, while the normal Rock Cake is not. My fault with the ambiguity.
  13. I'm pretty sure the only item that does that is the Rock Cake from RfD. Which is unobtainable once you complete said subquest. Jagex also nerfed it a while back so that you couldn't do constant damage with it (once every 2 or 3 ticks now?). If you still have it, you could try that - otherwise I think you're SOL.
  14. So confused... I quit a game with 117ers and got a level after jumping down the slide? Somehow I got ~6k experience from a dungeon I quit... Did I break something or am I just uninformed? :blink:
  15. I've never tried it, but are C2 Dungeons still the best/one of the fastest ways of training Woodcutting and Fishing? I remember C2 experience was hit with a nerf about 2-4 weeks back, but I'm considering training there. If it's relevant, I have 81 Fishing and 84 Woodcutting. Thanks!
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